Thursday, 19 September 2013

Command Vignettes - part one!!

Prince of Orange and assorted hangers on.
Lovely Perry figures witha few Foundry thrown in as well.
 I am sure that like most wargamers of a certain vintage the recollections of buying the very latest Wargames Illustrated or Miniature Wargames in the very early days of both publications was like manner from heaven!  Full of wonderful pictures of the collections of Peter Gilder, Phil Robinson etc. with masses of wonderfully painted figures and the most superb command bases I had ever seen.  Most of these were heavily converted with the use of soldering irons and wire for reigns etc and far from a young boys abilities.

However they resonated with me till this day.

So I have always endeavoured to try and make the command stands in my armies a little bit more animated than normal bases with a wider selection of figures whenever possible.  There is no doubt that figures of today, though beautiful and well designed still do not have that massed animated style of the Connoisseur or Elite figures when viewed "en masse".  So the Command bases give a little scope for imagination.

Another view of the Prince of Orange - great figure.

A few of us decided a few years ago to start a concerted effort into preparing a large collection of 1815 Napoleonics for the 200th anniversary in 2015.  The efforts have borne a good deal of fruit so far.

General Perporcher on foot with map,General Baron de Constant Rebecque
Another view showing the arrival of dispatches and staff.

The command stands are progressing well also.

Old favourite - Saxe-Weimar. This command base was fortunate enough to find
its way into General De Brigade De Luxe
The Duke of Brunswick - as I recall in this picture
wondering where his Leib Hussars had gotten themselves to!!
Brunswick Brigadier and Leib Hussar messenger


  1. Good looking vignettes - time to get my Austrian staff sorted out - thanks for sharing.
    Jeremy / warpaintjj

  2. Thanks Jeremy. Personally love the Austrians and the 1809 campaign is a favourite.


  3. Lovely Stuff Mr Pagano...very lovely indeed old friend

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