Friday, 13 September 2013

Front Rank Old Guard Grenadiers

Ist Battalion Grenadiers a Pied - circa 1805

Thought this was the perfect opportunity to get a few older shots out of some of my favourite units acquired over many years of wargaming and collecting.  These figures are all Front Rank and were originally painted up to compliment a large passion for the Glory Years of the Napoleonic Wars, at least in my mind, of 1805 - 1809.

Having a reasonably sized 1805-1807 Elite Miniatures Russian Army and Austrians it was always my intent to fight the battles of Austerlitz, Eylau, Friedland etc. and do so required figures of a similar size.  A bit anal I know however they all looked right on the table at the same time with no Elite Austrian Cuirassiers towering over their French Foundry counterparts.

I think the variation in figure looks quite smart.

These boys actually grace the cover of our club members presentation folder that we give to all the new gamers who join the mighty Napoleonic Wargaming Society.


  1. Good looking toys! Great to see a new Napoleonic heavy blog - looking forward to lots more eye candy and some other periods too.
    Consider yourself followed,
    Good luck & best wishes with the blogging

  2. What rules does the mighty Napoleonic Wargaming Society use these days? I would like to see the presentation folder (is it online?), and can American's join the Society?

    1. Hi Captain Nolan. Nearly missed your comment as it was hidden in a folder so apologies. We use a variety of rules at the club with we chaps who play 28mm liking General D'Armee and General De Brigade whilst Shako II is very popular amongst the lads who like 15mm. To complicate matters even further some gents at the club are using some home grown quick play rules which look very good and both Darren and Steve enjoy them immensely. As for a Yank joining, I see no reason why we wouldn't welcome our friends from across the Pacific!!