Wednesday, 11 September 2013

This blog thing is kind of contagious!

Highlanders prepare to defend the farmhouse.

Well after swearing black and blue I wouldn't ever have a blog this is now my second in a matter of months!  The first was my own small effort to pay homage to the wonderful Sudan Rules of Peter Gilder, made famous in Wargames Illustrated those many years ago.

However this blog is an attempt to capture the rest of my wargaming projects, adventures..dare I say misadventures at times!...with my friends and colleagues at the NWS as well as gaming upstairs at home.  There will be all manner of posts here - my first love Napoleonics will certainly feature prominently however Ancients, Renaissance, Modern, fantasy will also appear on a regular basis.  I have always been a huge fan of the larger "In the Grand Manner" style of games however as I grow older the appeal of skirmish games which require a minimum of preparation and a multitude of fun are becoming increasingly attractive so be prepared for some Saga, Muskets and Tomahawks as well as the fantastic Sword and the Flame.

French advance over the hills -lovely figures from Cookies collection.
Most figures featured will be from my own collection however I am very fortunate to have some extremely keen and...well..."experienced" gamers whom I play with who have some sensational figures as well which with their permission may make their way to these pages.

Dutch Belgian Dragoons
Hopefully the blog will also help me stay focused on the many projects on the go as well as to find an excuse to get the figures out and play a game.

Scots Greys cross the stream.
Brunswicker Leib Battalion - one day they will stand!
Hopefully the updates will be a regular weekly occurrence so please feel free to visit often, pass comment and engage with a middle-aged gamer with a passion for toy soldiers...sorry I mean "Miniature Figurines"!
Nassau Battalions advance in column.

These boys always put up a fight.  Brunswick Advante Garde.
Colonel McNamara.

Great shot of Cookies 1815 French

British Artillery prepare to defend the ridge


  1. Hi Carlo, glad to see your blog come to life.

    I find blogging very enjoyable, gives you a chance to share ideas with gamers around the world. It's also great to see everyones collections come together, gives you a boost with yer own.

    Look forward to your posts

  2. Hello Carlo.

    I am well pleased to find this second blog of yours.

    Does the appeal of skirmish games extend to Sharp Practise games? (Hopefully the answer wont be too apparent as I read your later posts!)

    Demerit point for referring to "toy soldiers". I know because I call them that a lot and have the demerit points to prove it!! 8O)

    Long may your two blogs prosper.

    von Peter himself