Monday, 30 September 2013

Thunder on the Danube - 1809.

A view from the Austrian lines - will those
Bavarians decide to form square?

Thanks to all those who have paid some lovely;y comments to the genesis of this blog so far - greatly appreciated and always delightfully read!

Thought I would put up some older photographs from an Austrian v Franco-Bavarian battle fought quite some time ago back at my place.

Austrian March Columns arrive to teh east of Absberg.

Another view across the Austrian flank.

All those who answered c) No - they will not form square go to recess early!

Lovely Elite Miniatures Austrian Uhlans -a favourite unit.

French start to arrive to stem the "White Menace" crossing the field of battle.

Quite a few of them actually...

Overview of the Battlefield on my 12 x 6 table.

Bavarians from Wredes Division feel
reasonably safe in Absberg...for the time being.

Bavarians advance across to fend off the
initial Austrian formations from Kollowrats Corps.

Bavarian Cavalry awaiting orders...if memory
serves correctly quite recalcitrant!!

More photographs to follow next time.  Great game played with some good friends over a few different days...the wonderful advantage of having a dedicated table that can be left set-up. 


  1. This is lovely work Carlo - a man after my own heart. Beautiful Napoleonics on a very well sculpted terrain boards, what more could I ask for with my morning coffee....?
    Keep it up, best wishes, Jeremy

  2. Super looking game with great figures and terrain!


  3. Good to see you hooked on the blogging Carlo old mate. Are you checking the counter at regular intervals yet...!

    Some beaut photos of your lovely figures. Looking forward to the future posts.

  4. Thanks guys - nice to hear from you too James - when are you venturing to the city again?

    1. I am there for a meeting tomorrow, so am gonna head to the NWS afterwards (~20:00); will you be there?

  5. Looking good Carlo, great to see you entering the Bloggosphere. I recognise those terrain boards, I sold you those nearly 15 years ago still holding up pretty well?

  6. Certainly are Scotty but now have plans for some new ones...will probably take me that time for completion!!