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Campaign Newsletters - The Pyramid

The original "Scandal Sheet" - The Pyramid issue 1 page 1

One of the most enjoyable activities in wargaming once one been gaming for a while is playing in an ongoing campaign.  The difference between playing a one off battle on a gaming night where you can throw caution to the wind and simply pile in all forces compared to a strategic fight where losses are critical and the repercussions of defeat can be disastrous are enormous.

I have had the very good fortune of playing in several superbly run campaigns over my years of wargaming and none better than those run many years ago by the effervescent Micheal Hutchinson and the NWS.  Mike had the temerity and discipline to keep a rag tag bunch of often distracted gamers together over several wonderful ancients campaigns and was not afraid to declare disasters upon regimes that failed to govern their forces well (read: did not put their orders in on time!).

The Pyramid - Issue 1 page 2.

One of the most interesting aspects of a campaign is when the participants start to publicise their deeds and their opponents misfortunes in a campaign newspaper/newsletter.  Enter the Pyramid - as the mast head states the voice of "T.A" otherwise known as "The Almighty" (campaign master Micheal that is!)."

The Pyramid - Issue 2 page 1

It allowed Battle Reports (now known as AAR's) to be put together, confidential but somehow leaked strategic plans to be uncovered by the fourth estate, scurrilous lies to be put in the diplomatic zones and downright sledging of opponents lineage and the real status of their parents!  Superb stuff.

The Pyramid - Issue 2 page 2

As you can see these newsletters are well before the modern wonders of electronic computer generated graphic software and easy push of a button cut and paste.  These were labours of love from all who contributed and were superbly illustrated by the graphics skills of good old Youngy.  Well done Paul - they still look as good today as they were then.

The Pyramid - Issue 2 page 3

Hopefully they are not too hard to read and provide a bit of enjoyment to some who participated, and a few other who regularly visit this spot, from all those years ago.


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