Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Franco-Bavarians on the march - Danube 1809

French forces start to mass numbers on the right flank
 I thought that I would put some more images up of this particularly enjoyable 1809 game up on the site.  The figures are a mix of Foundry, Perry with a few Essex command figures thrown in.  There is also a lovely Elite Miniatures Austrian Uhlan regiment which is a particular favourite and never ceases to perform way above its station since the raw figures were purchased from the famous wargaming personality, at least in Australian circles, Nathan Vinson (The Lonely Gamer himself - great site with a link on the side bar).

French 7th Hussars charge home - Foundry figures painted
when I was barely in my 20's.  A lifetime ago it seems!
Bavarian Cavalry starts to menace the Austrian flanks.
As well as advancing upon the guns!
Just have to love those 48 figure Austrian battalions -
the Napoleonic version of the SUV!
Back on the Franco-Bavarian left flank the remnants of
Wredes Division prepare to defend the town.
The advancing Austrian forces - obviously very little enemy cavalry about.
Hovels La Haye model has many uses.
Rallying Bavarian troops try to take some pressure of the brave defenders of the Village.
Whilst a badly mauled square prepares to sell
itself dearly against a confident Hussar Regiment.
A clash of the Beau Sabeurs - Austrian Hussars and Bavarian Chevaulegers.
An Austrian Column cannot believe its luck as a
flank presents itself due to an unfortunately timed forced retreat.

However the victory will need to be decisive to ensure a similar fate doesn't await it next turn.
 This was a particularly interesting battle fought over several actual days with the very real benefit of not feeling rushed and needing to fight to a conclusion as "such and such" had to be somewhere at a certain time.  In this way we could easily contemplate tactics, ensure that the rules were being interpreted correctly and have a few light refreshments along the way.


  1. Lovely stuff Carlo, that's what I love to see...lovely figures, lovely terrain and very nice images.

    Keep up the great work old friend

  2. Yes indeed this is lovely stuff. I have those same Elite uhlans, very dynamic as a regiment.
    Thanks for sharing, best wishes,