Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Somewhere in Belgium...

Set up showing the initial French dispositions.

Allied deployment.

 A while back we played a fantastic 1815 encounter battle between a strong French Corps based on Reilles formation in the Waterloo campaign up against The Prince of Orange and a combined British, Dutch, Brunswicker army.  It was a fantastic game of General de Brigade and if memory serves the French managed to punch through on the left and break the allied lines and capture the road to Bran L'Alleude before the reserve British formations could reach the field.

French 1st and 5th Chasseurs a Cheval

What would an 1815 battle in Belgium be without some jolly
Scots running about terrorising the locals and the French alike!
French advance upon the Brunswicker position
Belgian Cavalry - 5th Dragoons and 8th Hussars
One of my favourite wargaming units - Brunswick Advante Garde

Brunswickers set up near the old farm

A view from just to the right of the Brunswicker position...just a few French
 to contend with...for now.

The Allied centre with Nassau and Belgian battalions advancing upon the
French centre...that was their firsttactical mistake!
 Nearly all the figures are from the wonderful Perry Miniatures range of Napoleonics for 1815 with the exception of the Scots and some other British units which are Perry designed Foundry figures.  The game was an enormously enjoyable one with just a few beers and ciders being enjoyed by the local commanders and the hospitality of Mr Yardley was greatly appreciated.


  1. Wonderful looking figures and table!

  2. Lovely troops and great pictures, Carlo!


  3. very nice table Carlo and the figures are excellant