Saturday, 26 October 2013

Successors Mini-Campaign weekend

Eumenes battles Ptolemy upon the desert ruins of Egypt

Something slightly different for this post - an old Successors "Clash of Empires" campaign played over two days at the club some time ago.  Probably more "with pyjamas through a cloud of arrows and the occasional pointy sarissa up the backside" than grapeshot!

The games were based on the magnificent Successor lists by Jeff Jonas and the games he played with his group of gaming companions in the States sometime ago.  Jeff was as always a gentlemen with suggestions, advice and tips on how to run the campaign well.  It was a fantastic tournament for the eight players who participated.

Persians look to gold and glory for the new King of Asia

 The players were to play a series of linked battles over the weekend in campaign situations such as capturing the travelling baggage train to obtain gold to continue to pay mercenaries etc.  Four tables were set up to represent the different fields of battle in Greece, Egypt, Asia and Persia with various camps to defend etc.

Persian cavalry advance towards Ptolemy
Two factions were decided and the teams accumulated victory points, territory and gold after every round.  A leader board and empire map was up so everyone could track their progress and then bid for mercenaries before the next round of battles.  Tremendous fun!

Leader board and maps - another great idea borrowed from Jeff.

Eumenes prepares to lead the Companions in action.

Egyptian battlefield on teh banks of the Nile complete with
hungry crocodiles prepared to feast on broken units within two inches!!

Seleucus battles Chandragupta near the ruins
of the temple - Indians are a long way from home.

Leosthenes battle line of hoplites and peltats.

Eumenes dispatches Demetrius in an attempt to
gain more victory points by killing the other geneeral

Bindasures rides into combat

Gamesh must be bloody heavy baggage for those poor Indians!
There were prizes for all kinds of actions, feats and deeds.  One tactical issue that all the real Successor leaders had to deal with was keeping their Macedonian veterans happy.  This included ensuring their baggage camps rich with the gold of years of campaigning away from home were safe and protected.  More than one general was killed by their own troops or betrayed by veterans to recover lost gold!  So we had a prize for the best baggage camp.

Ptolemy advances

Silver Shields painted by the Lonely Gamer himself
Vinnie for my collection.  Thanks Nathan -top notch work!

Leosthenes battle line of hardened Greek League Hoplites.

Peithon pushes forward his masses

Scythian mercenaries on the rampage through Greece.

Indians clash with Persian Satrpal forces

It was a great campaign enjoyed by all with spoils to the victors and ignominy for the defeated!

Final leader board

Great bunch of players with Cookie, Guido, Myself, Steve, Rob, Youngy,
 Marty, Nigel and son contributing massively to a fun campaign.  Thanks fellas!

The weekend was helped significantly by the massive wonderful contribution of figures from the collections of Steve, Paul, Marty, Nigel and the wonderful assistance of all the boys in general.

Guido was the dark horse of the comptition. Check out his blog
"This aint living" on the links on the sidebar for more of his wonderful collection.


  1. Nice stuff Carlo, there some figures there that I have not seen for over ten years and they are still looking great.

  2. What a great idea painting the rooms wall in a colour matching the successors phalanx^^.
    No honest, the pics look great!

    1. I was revisiting the post and still laugh at the comment - it was in the "Italian Club" where we were located as a club at the time and I think some local members had some spare paint they just "happened to have lying around"!! Very funny M - like your style.

  3. Some great pictures. A great credit to all involved.

    von Peter himself

  4. That looks great fun! Lovely terrain, too. I shall nick the crocodile idea, for my Nile reeds...

    1. Thanks Simon - your "To the Strongest Rules" may very well see this revisited sooner rather than later mate.

  5. Really pleased you all had fun with the Successors tournament.. I am jealous that I could not be there to share in the fun!!

    1. Jeff great to hear from you and I hope you are keeping very well. Your help on this was so generous and appreciated and we still talk about how much fun we all had. "Rome must be destroyed" next perhaps?

  6. I am so damn envious of this, gorgeous stuff.


    1. Thanks mate - when the figures and terrain are good the whole game does take on a bit of a new dimension.