Monday, 11 November 2013

Dark Ages in a new light...Gripping Beast at their best!

The Irish on the wrong side of some Viking
payback - "Watch out for the naked bloke with the axe!".
 With the sudden and quite fantastic resurgence of Dark Age skirmish games thanks to the wonderful SAGA rules as well as many other excellent skirmish sets I thought It may be a good time to bring out some shots of the wonderful range of Scots and Irish from the very clever boys at Gripping Beast.

What more do the lads want...a drink, a nice banner to fight under
and a fair few bloody big axes - now where is that Saxon dog?
These were excellently painted by Scott in the Blue Mountains many years ago and are even more lovely in the flesh...lead...metal thingy.

Hope that's a bloody thick blanket around your torso Seamus!

We have started playing a fair bit of Saga at the club in recent times and they really are a lovely simple yet very clever set of rules with some magnificently crafty and subtle variations.  Highly recommended - as are this range of figures.

"You shall not long as you are armed like the same as us".