Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Royal Horse Artillery - Captain Hew Ross' "A" Troop attached to the Light Division

Captain Ross sites the guns - RHA from Front Rank with Elite guns and Essex Limber
team - quite the United Nations of figure manufacturers

One of the interesting aspects of the Light Division were the many formations that developed renown within the army for their feats and service.

One such unit was the Royal Horse Artillery under the command of Captain Hew Ross - he commanded for 19 years and was present throughout the campaigns in Portugal, Spain, France and Waterloo.

He would later on become Knighted for his military service and become the first ever Gunner Field Marshall in the British Armed Forces.

Well done that man!

These lads will see some action on the weekend at our NWS Gaming Day.

Portuguese Foot artillery - Elite Miniatures


  1. Always loved British Horse Artillery and these are extremely well executed! I assume these are 15mm, right? Which would only make them better!

    1. Sorry Burkhard - these are all 28mm figures my dear boy. I don't think the eyes could cope with having to play with anything smaller these days. However I did love playing Empire III with 15mm many years ago - fantastic games!

  2. marvelous! great looking 25mm miniatures!


  3. Thanks Phil - the mix of Front Rank figures especially with artillery works quire well in my opinion as the variety in the Pisces e.g ramrod, port fire, bucket, officer etc. helps with the animation of the base.

  4. Very nice, Carlo!

    The Carriages look a bit more blue in color in the second picture than I might expect; is it perhaps a trick of the sunlight?


    1. Not the sunlight Peter but a wonderful new issue staright from Lisbon for this mighty battery!! Seriously though, perhaps a little bluer than usual but nothing that a few years in the Iberian Peninsular wont wear off. Cheers mate.