Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Sheffield Triples circa 2003 and plans for 2015 and beyond...

Sensational 40 mm Peninsular Skirmish game put on by some very clever chaps in Sheffield many moons ago.

As we approach 2015 the whole taking stock of the years past gaming and time in the hobby tends to be something we bloggers reflect on.

For me 2014 was a busy one with the release of the Sudan Desert rules "The Sands of Sudan" inspired by the games of Peter Gilder way back in the days of Wargames World etc.  These rules have gone tremendously well and the reception has on that has certainly been beyond my expectation.  To those who have purchased a set, played games already with them, wished me well and referred them to friends a great and heart warm thank you.

Another view from the side which shows the tremendous effort put on by these chaps.

French Hussars scamper across the bridge...too late however to save their companion hanging from the tree!

Membership of the AMG or "A Military Gentlemen" forum has been a highlight for me.  Those who were fortunate enough to purchase the wonderful John Ray book of the same name were invited to enter the forum.  What an experience it has been!

I have "met" some of the doyens of the hobby across Europe and the Americas and it has been breath-taking.  Their thoughts, projects, work and games have been a sight to enjoy and savour.

In fact as a direct result of a wonderful thread on 40mm British Peninsular figures I have added these images from a trip to England many years ago where I was fortunate to meet up with some fantastic folk and enjoy some wonderful games and trade.  These figures were painted by the very clever and talented Dave Jarvis and the game was put on by Stuart Hutchinson I believe.  Many of these buildings are now in the collection of Ian, another AMG member and fine chap!

British troops head up the mountain defile.

The club of which I am a member, the Napoleonic Wargaming Society (NWS) has grown from strength to strength with increasing membership numbers, great weekend game days, exciting new plans and an enthusiastic approach to many different areas of wargaming.

Another view of the bridge and the French advance.

Magnificent detail in this boat in port.

Virtually railway modelling vignette.  French gunner has met his demise in the watery river flowing under the bridge.

Poor picture of Sharpe, Harper, Teresa and friends.

Plans for 2015 include more wargaming in the Sudan, some additional Peninsular action with son Ben and hopefully his younger brother Alex tagging along as well.  As I type I have a brigade of lovely Connoisseur Spanish infantry in Bicorne nearing basing completion.

Thanks to all who have taken the time to visit my two blogs this year and good luck in all your endeavours in the coming year.

I hope that 2015 is a wonderful one for yourselves and your loved ones.

All the best.



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    1. Thanks Paul - all the best to you and yours mate as well.

  2. Thanks Carlo; wonderful seeing these pictures! Thanks for sharing these :)

    1. Thanks Dave - I have quite a few more however if you recall the light in that hall was a bit funny. Will post some others soon.



  3. Some great pictures there! Best wishes for 2015, Carlo!

    1. Thank you Peter. It was the first Britsh Wargames show I ever attended and was incredibly good fun. This game was simply spectacular and I hovered around it all show!

  4. Carlo,

    Lovely post, stunning photos.

    Thank You for your the kind comments of the AMG Forum, of which You are a valued member.

    Happy New Year to You and Yours.


    1. Happy New Year to you and yours as well John. Lets hope 2015 is as great as the last twelve months have been and we'll all be happy methinks! Cheers

  5. Great looking game - thank you for posting the images.


    1. Thanks Tony - the game really was specatacular and certainly was the star of the show. Chaps were very clever in their use of terrain height and the modelling was top class.

  6. Hello Carlo

    A belated Happy New Year to you & yours.

    You've accompanied your post with some wonderful photos. I remember visiting a couple of UK shows - Salute & one of the Partizans - a few years back. There really isn't anything like them here in NZ.

    It would be interesting to see who visited which forums and there thoughts on them. There seem to be so many of them now a days with none of them being preeminent.

    Keep posting in 2015 please! 8O)

    von Peter himself

  7. Hi Peter,

    Thanks mate and Happy New Year to the entire clan. Hope the move plans are going well and that the excitement outweighs the hard work!

    Interesting point that you make in terms of the shows that are on and where they sit for us antipodeans! I would love to attend Salute but hear various things about the show which sound great and dreadful at the same time. Queuing for hours would be beyond me I'm afraid! However I hear Partizan etc. are sensational.