Friday, 13 February 2015

Peninsular action from years gone by

Great conversion work from Greg "The Unlucky General" B 

With the Peninsular War being back in the rotation I thought it would be a good chance to show a couple of quick shots of a game played many years ago when I was still living in Sydney.  This particular game was put on at MOAB in Sylvania by Dean, Greg, Grant and Matt and I was lucky enough to play as well.

I commanded the Spaniards, had a great time and thought the terrain and figures were first class.


  1. Nice pictures for a nice period!

  2. Great images of a grand looking game

    1. Cheers Dean. The Spanish were originally Nathan's of Lonely Gamers fame that he sold Dean many years ago and I thought they were superb. A collection of Connoisseur and Redoubt Spanish. I tried, unsuccessfully, for years to get Dean to part with them and so only now have I started my own Spanish collection. The terrain was all scratch built, including the windmill, by the lads and they did a tremendous job!

  3. Old photos are much better scanned and put up on the blog. Great to see them.

  4. So true Mark - just need to work out how to best resize them so I can avoid these mountains of white!