Monday, 4 May 2015

Peninsular action at San Martino

Spaniards in the courtyard prepare to defend to the last senor

Last weekend we all took the opportunity of one of our club gaming days to refamilarize ourselves with General De Brigade as well as introduce some new comers to this wonderful rule set.  With our Waterloo Gaming day next month we have been overwhelmed with chaps new to Napoleonic's who want to have a day of it so this was the greatest of opportunities to introduce them to the mechanisms of this wonderful set of rules.

French columns advance on San Martino

The scenario was deliberately a simple one with an attempt to have elements of all three arms on the table so we could go through many of the more intricate aspects of the rules.

In brief, San Martino with its abundant supplies, is being held by Colonello Andrew La Cardo with a brigade of Spanish defenders of freedom and liberty, Iberian style, of mixed quality.

He is being attacked by General Martine Strada and his quite potent force consisting of three strong brigades plus an attachment of a light cavalry brigade. 

General Craufurd and his Light Division plus some attached KGL Heavy Dragoons and Spanish (very light!!) Dragoons are on their way to attempt to provide support and relief.

Reserve battalions on the outskirts of the town

An overview showing the task that awaits the Spaniards

With scant regard for the defenders, Martin sends a brigade around the flanks.

The Light Division finally arrives...but where is that cavalry support.

A view taken from a local farmers drone shows that despite being German, precision means little to these Dragoons!

General De Brigade Christian D'Holtpaul manouvers his light cavalry brigade as best he can under current orders.

The RHA decide to skirt around the woods to open up some firing opportunities.  Elite Miniatures KGL, Connoisseur Dragoons and Essex RHA team with Elite Guns and limber carriage.  A veritable UN of figures!

San Martino as fallen and heavy fighting is taking place o the outskirts of the town as the Spaniards hang on for dear life.

At the top the Portugese Caceadores attempt to flank the French to no avail.

After intense fighting the Princesa Regiment breaks and runs for it.

A young wargamer wonders why Dad couldn't have arrived earlier so he could have a command.

On the left the Spanish converged Grenadiers attempt a holding action.  These chaps were determined and dogged all day.
Excellent Spanish castings from Connoisseur.

The beginning of the end.  Colonel James Fisher esquire is diddled by some damned French columns. 
"Why didn't Daddy buy me a commission in a British Regiment" he was heard
wailing out as he high-tailed it off the field.

Surely these chaps will take care of things.  KGL - check.  Superior mounts +1 - check, Elite cavalry +1 - check.
What could possibly go wrong?

After dispatching French Hussars, rolling superb discipline and being bounced, the KGL retreat
exposing the Spanish Dragoons who are hit at the halt, unformed.  Disaster! 

"These allies are a bit brittle aren't they Caruthers"

More French columns advance.  Lovely Elite Miniatures from Martins collection.

The Allies decide that enough is enough and a general "withdrawal" is on the cards.  The 95th Rifles lay down withering fire in open order and cover the manouver away!  OK, RETREAT!!

The game was great fun and everyone very much enjoyed themselves.  The rules are sensational and the command and control elements make for some excellent gaming.

Roll on next month!


  1. Great looking game there lads and good to see so many lovely Elite Miniatures figures on the table.

    Champion stuff

    1. Thanks Nathan - they are gorgeous figures as you well know.

  2. Bravo on what looks to have been a fun game captured by some great photography.

    von Peter himself

    1. Hi Peter and thanks for the nice comments. We had an absolute hoot of a time and the French were particularly chuffed by the very amusing work of Young James Fisher and his wonderful dice rolling.

  3. I didn't get to see your game, but I certainly heard you all having fun.

  4. Awesome!
    great looking units and photos....lovely!

    1. Thank you Phil - I seem to be getting a little better with this iPhone thingy.

    2. I'm sure you are! great photos!
      check out my start on 28mm Elite Miniatures Napoleonic Saxons - any thoughts?


  5. Great looking game, fun had by all, and learning/refreshing the rules = a day most excellently spent!

    1. Hi Peter - yes it was a well spent afternoon.

  6. Looks right up my street! Seems you had loads of fun!
    Best wishes

    1. Thanks Jeremy- always nice to get out the Spanish and Portuguese.

  7. 'Twas a great game Carlo, thanks for letting me join in. My input was... decisive!!

  8. The Peninsular is a great period to game and yours look superb.

    1. Thanks Pat - the games are more manageable in terms of figures and all very interesting as well.