Monday, 11 May 2015

Wanted please - Empires, Eagles and Lions Napoleonic Rules

The wanted item...please.

Sometime in life we remember certain times when something resonates with us for a lifetime. 

Such was my introduction to the Napoleonic journal put out by New Jersey Association of Wargamers in the 1980's and 1990's by fellow club member Stephen N.   As mentioned in a previous post my affection for this combination of amateur sleuth work, highly regarded writers and historians and fellow wargamers reports and articles were gold!

One of my favourite reads was always the Battle Reports which were often devastatingly honest in their assessments of players mistakes on the table and always entertaining. 

They often used well known historical formations, such as Claparedes in 1809, in many games so you developed an affection for their fighting histories.  The rules they used were published however I never managed to find a set and was keen to have a deeper read into the mechanisms which made these famous games so enjoyable to me.

The comic rendition of many a nights gaming by the late Mike Gilbert in "Friday Night at the Fights" was absolutely hysterical.

I have been told by a very, very reliable source (Hi Jim P) that they were never actually published however I am sure I saw a copy that had sold on eBay for USD15.00 before I got a chance to bid last year.

If anyone can assist it would be greatly appreciated.  After the success of my last plea for help (Antigonus Ancient figure) I am hopeful someone may be able to help.

Happy to cover all costs of course.


  1. Carlo, such a creature DOES exist and I have one.
    A photo of the rules can be seen at:
    Unfortunately, my copy cost more than USD$15.00 but I would entertain all offers!


    1. Thanks John - lets do a deal.


    2. Carlo, send me an email at and we can discuss.