Sunday, 19 July 2015

Quatre Tres - Blacks' triumph over the tricolour!


"Who put that bloody big counter there Armand?"

Well my last post, if you recall, had the French centre and right attacks being thwarted by the sturdy and somewhat surprisingly, cocky, young Brunswick commanders.

It must be said that the French General Staff had hoped that the fraternal efforts to roll the initiative dice and assume overall command of the tactical strategy would be the Brunswickers undoing.

My spies had let me down and I made a mental note to have them shot in the morning!

On the French right the Brunswickers manouvre to maximise firepower on the advancing columns

After some sustained fire one of the Brunswick columns routs from an adverse morale test.

Some excellent fire had caused the 2nd Light battalion to lose its nerve and make a run for the rear lines.  This provided a brief opportunity for the French to advance and exploit the gap.

They need to not rally.

But of course, they did!
A view showing the centre and left of the field of battle.

The Brunswick 3rd battalion was still in command of the church but weakened.  Time to send in the third battalion of my mighty attack column.

That is disappointing chaps I have to admit...

The excellent fire from the church causes issues for the battalion and it falters.  However the other French columns who had been repulsed have rallied forth and are ready to come again.

The French advance across the "misty" (read fuzzy focused) field and prepare to charge the 1st Brunswick line.

The result is a retreat to the Brunswickers as they lose the combat despite a stout resistance.

Mmm...not good.

In the centre the weakened 3rd Brunswick battalion continues to fight outside of its weight division and holds up the entire attack...again!

"Having fun boys?  Excellent.  I am soooooo pleased".

Overall view as the central columns retreat and the French try and force the left.

The staus of the game was one where the French were now starting to feel the effects of their "Forward to victory" strategy as detailed in the initial post for this battle...remember that?
My lads certainly do as does this old salt. 

French guns have put a barrage onto the stables but to little effect.

French legere attempt to take the fields but once again a stalemate is rolled.

At this stage it was obvious that the Brunswickers were in a resilient mood this day and were not to be moved from their defensive positions.  The French minor successes on their left were just that, minor, and to push on any further would have been an invitation to the Brunswick Hussars and Uhlans that was simply not worth the risk.  The inability to punch through the centre was a blow that the French could not overcome with their limited numbers.

The Brunswickers had defended soundly and with intelligence.  Alex had set up well on his left, the French right, with good initial positions that were well supported and took advantage of the terrain features within his deployment area.

Ben had also defended in depth and realised quickly that though he had a cavalry superiority, it was the French who would need to make the running in this particular game.  A reserve, no matter of what quality, was vital in order to deal with the expected French break-throughs that never quite materialised.

Too say that I was incredibly pleased by the game and the fun that the three of us had on the night would be an incredible understatement.

For years I have always looked forward to games in my favourite period with my two sons much in the manner that I had read about for luminaries such as Charles Grant Senior and son and now that has also passed through to his son as well.

I look forward to many more games and campaigns with Ben and Alexander as the years continue to pass.

"The Duke passes on his congratulations General.  The French will not pass through today!"



  1. Excellent battle report. Great that your sons enjoyed the game, many more to come :)

    1. Thanks Graham. They certainly did and we are planning the next one for the coming weeks.

  2. Hello Monsieur Carlo

    Bravely fought mon general but perhaps ze younger generation are going to take over sooner zan ve think! 8O)

    Your three parter provided a most enjoyable read, perhaps as much fun as you and those Brunswick commanders had on the day.

    And what a spectacular table. It goes to show that you don't need a table groaning under the weight of the figures to have an enjoyable game.

    C'est magnifique!

    von Peter himself ... with apologies for his shonky French "accent"!

    1. Ahhh merci Monsieur Von Peter. Guttenhaben in fact. As it was it was I asking for mercy on some of those rolls! You are absolutelt orrect mate, te game needs to be well designed and have a chance for both sides to achieve victory conditions which are often very different from each other. The old scenarios from Battle with the "Tabletop Teasers" very rarely had more than a division aside.

  3. Excellent game report as usual and very entertaining. The luck of youthful naivety will always outweigh the guile and experience of their more senior opponents. Well as far as dice throwing is concerned. Keep at it.

    1. Cheers WB - always have to have a laugh don't we. They had their time in teh sun on this occassion however the FRench juggernaut can be most patient...

  4. Great pictures and an amusing report; certainly it is a pleasure to see your sons both enjoying the hobby, and playing well!

    1. Thank you Peter. I hope you had a wonderful time at Historicon.

  5. It's a great feeling to play games with your children and see the light of excitement in their eyes. It sounds like you've hit the right balance of fun and challenge with them. Great stuff.

    1. Cheers AH - the best part is you know when they are enjoying themselves and when they are not. These lads were "into it" in a big way. Always great when you can't remeber a rule and it gets quoted back to you word for word. Young memories you see - better than a computer!

  6. Lovely looking game. Brunswickers are on my list of units to raise.

    1. Thanks Mark - they are a very nice looking army and one of the great benefits is, similar to what Bruce Quarrie said all those years ago about the Westphalians, it is possible to raise the entire force in miniature.

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