Thursday, 14 January 2016

Normandy conclusion and some observations

A view showing the US Airborne's key base for the duration of the fighting.  Once the sniper
 was dispensed with from the spire it was a great place to see where the enemy were massing. 

The Stugs appear to harass the American flank

The Germans quickly move up machine guns to flank the Canadians

The Stug is forced to withdraw from some Airborne AT fire.

The US Airborne bring on some support in the form of a Wolverine... well as a nice 57mm AT gun.

Back on the allied left the British and Canadians continue their advance

Churchill and Humber

German players final section set up the HMG

Whilst the troops under Steve's command continue their manouvers

Churchills advance unsuspecting

A Stug goes up in the centre

As does one of the Churchills...quick and brutal!

These lads have taken a pounding and after several turns trying to withdraw they manage to do so...not before
they sucked a hell of a lot of Command Initiatives out!

The advance goes on through the left

The M10 sees an opportunity and fires...and the result is plain to see!

The cows wonder what they have done wrong...shredded beef anyone?

Another Churchill goes up

US Airborne bazooka team and scouts make a run for the vineyard

In the centre the Canadian player Mike, who has patiently advanced his flamethrower and engineers forward
all game prepares to deliver a coup de grace!

A third line of defence is set up on the German right

Smoke starts to be laid to obscure the allied advance

Up pops a bazooka team to take on the Stug in the distance

The moment when the Germans thought it was time to pull out whilst they still could.

So the game concluded in a distinct allied victory however not without significant cost.

We all had an enormous time of it...well...lets face it.  Gaming, food and a few drinks always goes a long way when it comes to having some good laughs.

This game was a sensational introduction to all of us of the joys of the Big CoC game system and just how co-ordinated you need to be in cross-armed supported combat in terrain suited for the humble grunt.

The game absolutely rewarded historical tactics and the use of fire and movement.  The wonderful shock system forces your units who are in trouble to warrant considerable energy to either withdraw or reinforce.

Great, great gaming system.


  1. Top photos and great to hear how well it played

    1. Well thank you Richard - appreciate your kind comments.

  2. WW2 is having a bit of a resurgence these days. It's one of my favourite periods. Your photos really bring it to life. If they'd been black and white some would have looked like the real thing, eh, perhaps not the Churchill passing over the field, although you do note it goes up.

    1. Thank you Mark - these games are really quite a lot of fun.

  3. Great images and game Carlo as expected. Also good to see the old SS lads are still brining the fight to the enemy.

    1. Thank you Nathan - those old First Corps figures you painted still hold their own against any painted figures I have mate let me assure you! Ben loves getting them out and taking the old man on!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot Paul - greatly appreciated.

  5. Amazing looking game, Carlo! The terrain, figures and vehicles superb. That Wolverine is an awesome model. I may have to try out CoC sometime - only heard great things about it, as here.

    1. Thank you Dean - the game was tremendous fun and the scope for infantry tactics etc. is really great fun. Yes the Wolverine is a Troop of Shrewe special acquired from local new chum Justin who was selling up. Looks the business!