Monday, 28 March 2016

Big Chain of Command - on the wrong blog!

"Aren't we meant to be going through some grapeshot lads?.  Where's all that sand come from?' 

Every now and then I have a moment.

Last night I went to the trouble of recording a game played between my sons and I and now realise it is on the wrong blog.
I have inadvertently placed it on my exclusively "SUDAN" blog and it will remain there for as long as it takes for me to figure out how to move it in its entirety without a major melt down.

Pop over if you are interested and feel sorry for a man whose best days may well and truly be over...intellectually speaking at least!


  1. Ah, yes mate, too right - and you posted it on the AMG Forum too - the remit of which is only up to 1900! :-) But don't ever stop posting - your stuff is too good to miss.

    1. Thanks Chris - I didn't realise about the 1900 time frame do will take it down. Bit naughty of me really but I claim ignorance and intellectual limitations! Did I mention I put it on the wrong blog:-)

  2. You can just go into the other post, edit, copy it all, then open a new post here and paste it in.