Tuesday, 23 August 2016

To The Strongest - looking forward to tonights game!

Some lovely A & A miniatures Sassanid figures make up this army command.

Steve Y and I are dusting off the cobwebs tonight and playing a game of Simon Millers excellent ancients rules "To The Strongest".

I am always looking for an excuse to get out the Late Romans and Sassanids and this evening will see us going for gold in a battle to the death...or at least until we get tired and want to go home!

I have purchased all the victory medals and chits that Simon sells on his excellent website so recording all manner of occurrences should be far simpler this time around.

Last time we played we gad to mark off the board into grids.  What a pain in the a#$%.  We have a
purpose designed Big Red Bat gridded battle mat tonight.  Fantastic!

Looking forward to the game and having a nice report with some photographs later in the week.  


  1. They look very nice Carlo - love the A & A as well as Aventine figures. Am intrigued by Simon's rules - but baulking at the moment because of Impetus as well as the need for the grid. Look forward to seeing how they play.


    1. Looks very good Richard. Report coming.

  2. We have to catch up soon, looking forward to your battle report Carlos.

  3. As you know, I have really enjoyed these rules - am presently play testing an ECW set based upon TtS for Simon. His custom made mats are great, but it's very easy to make one yourself as well - I have done two now, both about 8 x 6 feet. I look forward to the report!

  4. Here it comes Peter. Would love to catch up soon.

  5. You are far more talented than I am Peter so I went the commercial route and grabbed one which worked a treat. Very interested to see what you think of the ECW.