Saturday, 29 October 2016

"Their skin must be made of iron!" - Roman Civil War TTS Latest

Wonderful Limited Edition Gripping Beast Roman General courtesy of old pal Andrew P
We had a wonderful game of "To The Strongest" at the club on Wednesday night.  We decided on 1 Late Roman Civil War as east met west at 160 points.  Once again we had two players aside with Martin S deserting me and allying with Steve Y who is on a distinct winning streak  Cookie and I decided to take on the boys with some aggression and speed.

The set-up is in progess

Immediately the good guys advance and get stuck in.  Archers to the rear to provide some missile support

On the left Phil advances his cavalry

I do love these figures.  The shield design works very well

The central command, led by the General on foot, continues to support the main central attack

All looking good so far

Cookie takes the rough ground with veteran lights and prepares to issue a few volleys

Martins Legio has now dispatched the raw legio facing it and advances

Slightly out of sequence however you can see the moment just before the action depicted in the previous
photograph...auxilia in the foreground prepare to make their move

These light infantry now feel particularly exposed!

An allied Frankish/Alan unit advances on the auxilia - Steve Y has a good record with these troop types.

However an impetuous attempt to flank an enemy has left them critically exposed

A great view of the unfolding act

Those auxiliary still are holding up the flank and those light infantry to their rear are about to
turn around and destroy the advancing legio with javelin fire! Go figure.

There the game ended. 

The final two victory medals were handed over and the victors were quite pleased with themselves.  The absolute honours and rewards of land in Iberia etc. should be given to every soldier in the auxilia unit on the extreme left flank of Steven Y's command.  They took on enormous odds, were hit numerous on occasions to both the flank and the rear and SAVED EVERY BLOODY TIME!!

Hence the title to this blog "Their skin must be made of iron" - for as far as we were concerned, they were certainly made of tough stuff indeed!

We salute you...until next time.


  1. Another great looking game Carlos. I see your not having much luck lately with the war gods. Don't worry, we all know lady luck is fickle and your turn will come soon enough.

    1. It surely has to turn around sometime soon Peter...bloody Stevie boy!!

  2. Nice one Carlo.
    I take it that 'add caption' is code for our fellas not going so well in these mêlées?!

    1. I had never thought of that Fish but it would be quite a nice touch "Have a look at the carnage in this scene and make up your own caption...ten figures to the most witty reply!"
      No mate, simply forgot to do it however all taken care of now.

  3. Another fantastic looking game Carlo I love the figures and I love the look of the game.



    1. Cheers Nathan. Yes the look is very appealing in these particular encounters.

  4. Thanks for sharing, Carlo. While an Ace may be good in dogfights and contract bridge, not so much in To the Strongest!

    1. Thank you Peter. Yes, those low numbers can be a problem at time except for activations but as you say, an ace in the hole is a disaster. Great fun though...

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you Christopher. I have to admit that the games do look very attractive and that, as I grow older, is a primary focus on my enjoyment of any particular system. Works well.

  6. Beautiful looking troops and battle Carlo!

    1. Thank you Paul - lots of fun games that's for sure. The look is just right for me.