Thursday, 6 October 2016

There are two elephants in the room...and they did bugger all! To The Strongest latest battle - Part One

The centre and left wing of the Sassanid Persian army

Looking back towards the right flank
Once again the good lads at the NWS decided to get the 28mm Ancients that have been gathering dust over the past years and play the wonderful, infectious and incredibly enjoyable "To The Strongest" rules from the pen of Simon Miller.

We decided to play a two player aside game again, this time with 200 points each and see what we could muster.

Andrew checks his mail whilst Guido plays the part of model.

There were actually four Sassanid elephant models representing two fighting units.  Indian escorted elephants
with veteran upgrades at a cost of 30 points total.  Surely this will be the match-winner!

Sassanid Horse Archers prepare to whittle down the enemy - limited ammunition is perfect for these games as it
does stop ceaseless speculative fire that can often hold up play.

A view down the lines of my two commands

Cookie looks on and may well be the clubs newest convert to the rules

I have re-based my spear on a deep single base in three ranks and I think this looks very good. 
All my deep non-pike units will be based this way in the future.

The Roman right flank under Gaius Martinus

The centre command under Steve would prove to be tough cookies indeed.

The view from the Persian positions

Haven't had a chance to get the Sassanid Persian camp completed as I await some nice baggage bases from
Big Red Bat Ventures.  These old ancient baggage trains will have to do.

The Romans advance rapidly in the centre.  Surprisingly they out-scouted the Sassanids and despite the use of a stratagem forcing one command off the table, they were quick to move

In the centre Guido moves up confidently with his Catafracts and "Veteran Escorted Elephant" support

Both sides advance on the Roman right as Daylami Javelins  make for the rough ground

A small command led by a freshly based Aventine Miniatures command set

Another closer view of the initial manoeuvring on the Sassanid left 

Roman Gothic allied cavalry, now back on the table, advance as Sassanid Light horse and Saravan cavalry prepare

The Roman Auxilia in the centre and right advance rapidly as Simon watches on

The battle is at an interesting point.  Swift manoeuvre by the Romans has caught the Sassanid's slightly unawares and the inability to activate a central command at an important point may cost Guido later in the game.

Part Two to be logged hopefully over the weekend.


  1. colourful and well presented. excellent.

    1. Thank you very much Paul. Yes the colour of both armies is wonderful and I never need to be asked twice to get my Sassanids out that's for sure.

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers Phil and thanks for popping by and having a look at the game. The overall look of the games of TTS is very, very enticing and addictive. They are a great set of rules.

  3. Beautiful armies, and of course, a great set of rules! I ma basing Phalangites tonight!

    1. Thanks Peter. I am very keen to see your work once based and how you decide to base your pike. I am seriously considering four ranks on one base...we will see.