Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Action at the Junction - Chain of Command

A wonderfully modelled Panzer Mk IV from the Troop of Shrewe

It had been absolute ages since my last game down at the Club so Marty and I thought it was high time to roll some dice with a half of lager in our hand and a fine Chain of Command action going on.  Martin devised the scenario which saw a British Infantry platoon tasked to defend a T-Junction from a Wehrmacht German platoon with supports.  No Airborne or Panzer Grenadiers here mate!

A German section looks to get the timing right to head across the open space and decide to double and go flat out.
This means three d6 - which I rolled and ended up with a 1. 1. and you guessed it...a 1.

A PIAT team makes its way up to the woods after being rallied.  They appeared out of nowhere and took a few shots at my
Panzer and I honestly thought I was done for.  However lady luck helped old "Hans" on this occasion.

I really like Martins British.  These are Crusader Miniatures and his clean style of painting helps them
come up a treat.  He is a wily one our old Marty with his constantly evolving collection.

This MG team on "Overwatch" played its part in clearing the central copse of trees.  In the background the rifle
team are preparing to be ordered to advance under protection of its withering fire.

Under fire the entire evening these lads managed to hang on throughout.

It was a great night of fun wargaming.  For those wanting to know, the Germans managed to push through and the Brits were forced to surrender the field and slip away to lick their wounds for the next action a few miles south.

It was great though to have a few laughs and reacquaint ourselves with an excellent set of rules and a lovely skirmish game at the NWS.


  1. CoC is a fine game indeed. Nice models and a good evening. 😀

    1. Thank s Stew. I very much enjoy CoC (careful who you say that around and how you say it!) as it is a well thought out gaming system which provides for a great nights entertainment. My sons both enjoy it tremendously as well so quite an added bonus.