Thursday, 10 September 2020

The French reach the Pratzenberg heights

The action atop the Pratzenberg reaches a climactic moment
So the battle continues to rage on our tabletop in between the bsiy schedules of University exams and assignments, work schedules and Fathers Day celebrations.  From the last post several faletring tests needed to be made with the Austrians suffering retreat results in two and the stoic Russians standing their ground on the allied left flank.

As a note for some reason blogger is uploading photos in the incorrect sequence at times so please excuse any shots which look a little out of chronological order.

The Russian battery is swept away

Just to prove that double sixes do get rolled on this table

The Austrian battery manages to limber up before the French can roll them up as well

Even though wwe already know what happens to these two batteries I had to include this shoit

A view from the Allied right as the French turn their attentions on Rottermunds formations

Not a great time to go unformed

The French gain an Elan result and prepare for the kill

A view down the slopes

The Russians on both flanks are proving their fighting worth against very well trained French brigades

The Austrians atop the Pratzenberg prepare to meet the enemy

Another retreating Austrian battalion

The fight for Stare Vinohrady continues

The Russians passed this faltering brigade test with flying colours

Not so good here I'm afraid

Just to prove that the French veteran formations were not averse to getting average results as well

Lovely Elite Miniatures Austrians

The village of Pratzen is captured by Weres Brigade

The Austrians are thrown back and soon have to pass a Falter test as earlier noted.  The brigade on
the left of this shot failed and was forced to make a rapid and clear rout which soon saw them
disappear off the table completely

Stare Vinohrady looks a little more susceptible from this angle now.  However can the French coordinate
their infantry attacks?

On the allied left flank the Russians are putting up excellent resistance causing St Hillaire no shortage of angst

Back go those damned Frenchies!

The Austrians attempt to rally and return to the fray

The shot of the Austrian brigade routing off previously

Lovely Mark Allen flags on the Grenadier Regiment

"Come on lads back to it"

Well that's not a good result

The French redouble their efforts on the allied left against those stubborn Russians of Kamensky

Action around the Pratzen

The casualty markers are from Warbases and the Foundry Austrian casualty set is perfect for this shaped dial

Hudson and Allen town representing Pratzen 

At last the Russians manage to force a Russian battalion back in retreat 

Jurziks Brigade looks to defend the heights

A view across the battlefield from the Allied left

Perhaps there is a Russian flank that may be available now that the Austrians were forced to abandon the winery 

Can they get their act together to force a return to Stare Vinohrady or is it too late?

The assault on the allied right continues

Perhaps a few of those Russians may be looking to hide away in that cart as it exits the area!
So the game is certainly starting to sway towards the French.  The quality of their troops is certainly showing, especially as they encounter the "Recruit" grade troops of Rottermund's Austrians around Stare Vinohrady.

However there are more than a few surprises in store as Grand Duke Constantine rouses the Russian Imperial Guard!


  1. Magnifique!

    So the French steam roller will soon meet the Russian Imperial Guard steam roller. Interesting. Very interesting!

    Which is not to disparage the Russians already on the table who seem to be as typically stoic as the stereotype suggests. Is it ok to feel sorry for the poor Austrian recruits?

    von Peter himself

    1. Thank you Peter. The Russians are certainly playing the part and Bruce Quarrie would be pleased with their “ national characteristic of stubbornness “ coming to the gore once again.

    2. Hi Carlo

      Your spies are everywhere. I cut my Napoleonic wargaming teeth on the Quarry rules. Not a perfect set of rules but I have many rose tinted memories of games in my pre university days under the guidance of those Bruce Quarry's rules. Mostly with the old orange coloured Airfix guide vbersion of the rules, not the later and much expanded rule book.

      Ah ... memories.

      von Peter himself

    3. Peter I still remember my wargaming buddy Paul and I were wet behind the ears thirteen year olds trying to work out why they suggested beer coasters would help move your figures quickly on the table. Everyone we placed our plastic Airfix battalions on them they would all fall over with the slightest movement. We had no idea they wanted us to GLUE THEM IN PLACE!

      True story.

  2. This is a thing of beauty. How often do you get a chance to game something this big?

    1. Thank you FMB. I try to okay a game like this three or four times a year in the past however my goal this year has been to try and game at least 30 days this year upstairs. That may mean, such as in this one, the game takes place Over three or four days but that’s fine.

  3. You really set a beautiful table, Carlo!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Kerry. It’s hoping yo get very interesting in the next session mate that’s for sure.

  5. Really nice pics to look at! 😀
    How big is the table and how many miniatures are we talking here?

    1. Thank you Stew. The table is 12 feet by six feet and is purpose built for my room upstairs. On this table in this particular battle we have approximately 2000 figures so far with another 450 in reserves to still arrive.

    2. Most impressive (said in Dark Vader voice).

    3. I should use that mid dice roll on the opponent - “Ben, I’m your father!”. Dazed he is further stunned by my superb rolling of six sixes to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat 😂

  6. Wish I was there playing it with you Carlo. Not had a Napoleonic game for a long time.

    1. Always welcome Andy - the big Napoleonics games are a great wargaming love of mine.

  7. Really lovely game, Carlo, and it is certainly far from over for the Allies!