Sunday, 15 November 2020

Blackpowder ACW at the club games day

My lads get ready to push, very slowly, through the orchard

 Lots of fun on Saturday as we exchanged Napoleonic Wargaming for the American Civil War on our monthly Gamesday. Not a lot of descriptions at present other than it was a hard fought victory of a minor nature to the Union forces whilst the Confederacy managed to hold off the enemy long enough to extricate the main army a few miles to the west.  Great job on the design Marty and troops on the board from all our collections.

At the start of the battle we had random entry points and brigades delayed from arriving until
the correct dice were thrown. My division saw three brigades all arrive upon the same entry point
causing a road block of the worst kind if you were wearing grey on the day.

Another out of sequence blogger photo showing the table before deployment 


  1. Wonderfully Gilderesque!

    Best Regards,


  2. Everything looks gorgeous! Great fun. But there are two things that I find jarring;
    There is a lovely looking barn on the table but it’s not red, and I’m sure it’s an international rule that all barns are red.
    The rules are black powder but I clearly see RFF unit labels on the figures so it gets me so confused!
    😀. Those are just silly jokes of course.

    1. Cheers Stew. If it was my barn it would have been green😅.
      It’s been so long since I’ve had my ACW lads out they still had their labels on them from McPhersons Ridge! Good spotting mate.

  3. An impressive looking game Carlo..
    And your meeting up with people at a wargames club...
    I’m not actually allowed to meet myself in the UK at the moment...😱😂

    All the best. Aly

    All the best. Aly