Thursday, 1 April 2021

Blink and you would have missed it...

A view across the board after deployment 

 A fun game of To the Strongest last night at the club between 130 points of Sassanian and White Huns.  We set up slightly before 7.00pm and then we were packed up by 8.30pm!

The left flank under the command of prince Jeff of the hairy arm!

The centre and right under the command of Emperor  Carlo “ can’t add up victory points” 

Evil enemy Huns

Evil enemy Huns, elephants and evil Phil!

Indian allies

I wish I could show you more photos however it was over quickly. Within four turns two Sassanid Generals lay dead,  and the Victory Medals were all lost inordinately quickly.  In the end it seemed that my calculations were incorrect and I had shortchanged the Persian side four victory medals.

Oh well...that’s what happens when too many hobby balls in the air.   Love it just that way too.


  1. Nice looking game with beautiful figures! More time to socialize after the game too.

    1. Actually Dean I was so tired after the game I darted home for a cup of tea and a biscuit. How sad am I?😉

  2. Great figures and a good looking game, even if it was brief.

    1. Always nice to push the troops around Lawrence. Certainly at high speed mind you but drill fun😅