Saturday, 17 July 2021

1815 British having a slight re-tool and tweak


Some of the lads having a slight shifting of arrangements in the ranks

We all remember those concerts and assemblies at school.

You hoped all year you had grown enough to be front and centre after years of being neglected and forgotten in the wings at photo days much to yours and your families disgust.  All the lead up rehearsals saw your plans going well as the lifts in your shoes, the blow dried hair and the toes on strict “tippy” duty seeing you where you should be…until the teacher, let’s call her Mrs Fox, comes along to ruin all your dreams.  Not that I’m bitter…or feeling cheated…I’m not bitter I said!


The time had come for me yo revisit some of my basing on some of my Brigades for 1815, including a better “historical”positioning of sergeants and officers.  A bit of cutting and gluing today to be followed up with some painting of bases tomorrow.

Always great yo gave good references available though I will need to order
Some more excellent flags from GMB to sort through the regiments correctly  

Some additional Foundry British that are destined to become a 4th KGL Line battalion 

Another battalion from the reorganisation - Perry plastics and metals

That’s a battalion of Highland Light Infantry from Front Rank on the black board which has been made “large” for General D’Armee requirements.

These look very effective with such a wonderful assortment of poses

A collection of mounted Colonels preparing for final touches and then the purchasing 
of their commissions in the Kings Infantry.  Lovely figures to paint.

These should all be ready for a return to the shelves during the week after which I will revisit my lads from Pictons command. I’ve been waiting to do those chaps for ages.


  1. I suppose a little rebasing can't be avoided from time to time. Troops are looking very good. I am presently painting more British myself; Cameron Highlanders, a unit of KGL, and one additional infantry unit

    1. You are so right Peter and it goes with the territory when getting the figures back out. The Highlanders will be next for me as well so that should be an interesting task.

  2. I'm going through an army re-basing with my Peninsular Brits also but all I need do mostly is elevate them with a second layer of MDF - jacking them to 5mm. They look magnificent.

    1. Ive always loved your Elite Peninsular collection Greg and after I’ve sorted out all my 1815 stuff I’m off to sort my Elites for Spain as well.

  3. I need to re-base some Gauls, but have managed to put off facing it for a couple of years now. That Franklin book really is terrific and I wish it had been around when I painted my first British army forty or so years ago.

    1. Thanks Lawrence. Yes the Franklin books are absolutely superb and they do make things a bit easier that’s for sure.

  4. Before a rebasing job starts we always have reservations- or just can't be bothered- but I don't know anyone who regrets it when it's done!

  5. Some consider rebasing a chore, but when intelligently approached the results are invigorating. Nice figures, they will look so much better with the new basing.

  6. I have never rebased anything in my collection: mainly bc I am too scared and lazy to try it. Good luck with it all! ­čśÇ

  7. Lovely looking toys…
    It certainly seems to be the time of year for re-basing Carlo
    I think it’s because it’s so (surprisingly for the UK) warm… the paint is drying too fast ­čś│
    I’ve been re-basing my Crimean War collection…

    All the best. Aly