Sunday, 9 January 2022

Seven Years War Front Rank French


A nice array of French troops

Just a quick post to show off some lovely French Seven Years War troops painted incredibly well by an old former member of the club and acquired by myself some twenty years ago.

I have a few old Dixon SYW figures in there as well. Old characterful figures that don’t get seen a lot in this period.


  1. Cracking force! It needs to see some action!

  2. Very nice indeed ....I still think Front Rank are hard figures to beat!

  3. These are grand. I'm pretty much committed to SYW in 6mm, but pics like these are tempting.

  4. This is a very nice looking force. Front Rank have a lot of appeal (and I have a fair share of SYW)and thy are now nostalgic really as the go-to 28mm figures for SYW before Minden and Crann Tara came along. Chris