Tuesday, 17 May 2022

A small GdA Napoleonic 1809 encounter

The Austrians advance on their right flank against a slower moving French brigade

 Just a quick post to capture the GdA game that Stanley and myself played at the club last week. A small encounter between two opposing divisions making their way towards their mustering points early in the campaign of 1809. Stan took the position of General Sacre Le Bleu ( we laughed all night - you really had to be their) and I was FML Rotten Von Kore.  Ah…it keeps us young!

We went into square early on the refused left flank and it deterred the French light cavalry
For some time, alongside their hesitant rolls. Eventually their Gallic nature would take over!

The advance up the left. Love the old club terrain for these nights as it’s 
durable, practical and saves me dragging down boxes of my own kit.

Stan hadn’t played General D’Armee for a while do it was another chance to reacquaint him with the tiles and continue the resurgence of Napoleonics at the club.

The Austrian Uhlans hit a line and make short work of them

The centre reveals the skirmish battle around the woods the Jagers taking on the French guns

It was a great game as always with Stan. Looking forward to the next one as soon as possible.

Once again it also demonstrates the wisdom of looking towards 15mm figures and games for a Wednesday night at the NWS. It is far easier to bring down a box file full of troops and play an interesting game on a 6 x 4 table than hauling large and heavy boxes of 28mm down the stairs, into the car and towards the hall let me assure you.

There was also a French v Bavarian affair on the next table which looked just as fascinating.  Great to see so many members showing a renewed interest in the best wargaming period of them all.


  1. Nice 15mm troops y’all got there. Ideal for a club game night indeed. 😀

    1. Thank you kindly Stew. It’s certainly a lot easier on the setup and packing away side of things that’s for certain. They’ll never take the place of my 28’s however they certainly do the trick on a Wednesday night.

  2. A nice looking little game Carlo…
    Much as I prefer the heft of 28mm figures… it’s that very thing that works against them when you need to transport the things…

    All the best. Aly

    1. Thank you Aly. There are certainly times during the working week when getting the lads out for a game becomes much easier when it’s a small box yo carry in from the street compared to enough gear yo land at Normandy that’s for sure.