Tuesday, 23 November 2021

1809 action at Essling

Austrian Musketeers line the woods between the two villages awaiting the assault

Many years ago on the General De Brigade forum a couple of highly regarded Wargamers put together a scenario based on St Hillaire attacks on the Austrians at Essling.  Cookie and I played it out in 28mm and had a whale of a time back in the Italian Club days of the club.

With the lads keen to play General D’Armee more I decided to put together a modified version for a quick game at the club.

Austrian positions on the Old School club terrain

Austrian Chevaulegers - in this scenario their abilities to manoeuvre were limited

Rear view

How good does my measuring stick look fellow Kaiserlicks?

I do like this battery

Holding fast

The French commence the assault on the Austrian left

Another view of the Austrian right. They would see very little action as the French
Opposite struggled to move forward with limited ADC availability 

I have always  enjoyed the club ever/stream sections

It was a great game and without hoping into too detailed a breakdown the Austrians failed to stop the French crossing the stream and taking one of the two towns. It was a great game and very enjoyable.


  1. These Austrian units are truly splendid!!

  2. Friends, beer and toy soldiers…. What’s not to like 😁

    All the best. Aly

    1. Those beers were particularly good that night too Aly. Just the right amount of heat in the night time air.

  3. Great looking game, and glad everyone enjoyed it! I'll cast my lot wit the French - wine, please! :-)

    1. Thanks Peter for the kind comments. They do actually stock done nice quaffing reds actually so maybe this week.