Monday 6 May 2024

Battle of Jena 1806

A view across the battlefield showing the state of play at the end of turn six

We are currently in the midst of fighting a wonderful 1806 scenario generously supplied by Eltjo in the Netherlands based on action during the Battle of Jena.

Prussian Grenadiers and Musketeers enter the battle

The Kripendorf windmill 

French Ligne prepare to cross the stream

A series of cavalry clashes highlighted the early turns. The French light
 cavalry battled hard against cuirassiers and hussars

The French guns unlimbered and ready for action on their “John Ray” bases that I absolutely 
adore the look of. A bit of John D and Doug M goodness in the rear 

We are returning to the battle this Saturday. It could genuinely go either way.

Friday 9 February 2024

Let’s get the wagons rolling again

A favourite print reimagined in the Wargames room

 Just a quick note today as I received a great deal of correspondence when I took down my two blogs in January.  It was interesting as sometimes you think that no one particularly follows what you are putting up and if they do, the lack of comments can at times make you believe that the content is of little interest to anyone but yourself.

The next step then is to think that perhaps the blog is simple an extension of unfettered self-indulgence that lacks a place in your hobby life going forward…and then you think…”What’s wrong with a little self-indulgence these days anyway?”.

Roll on 2024.

Friday 8 December 2023

Too good not to post

Who doesn’t love everyone’s favourite frog

I saw this on the ether somewhere  and grabbed it to prove that the blog name wasn’t completely bonkers.

If it’s good enough for Kermit and the Children’s Televison Workshop, it’s good enough for we humble Wargamers and hobbyists.

At the very least it made me laugh out loud.

Wednesday 23 August 2023

Some rebasing on a glorious Sunday


Just a couple of brigades on the go here

A very quick post to show that I’m not totally being a lazy so and so hobby wise. I made a decision about three months ago to rebase my Prussian 1806 infantry from the old “In the Grand Manner” four  bases of eight to five bases of six which I know my friend Nathan is doing in Townsville. I thought the overall look certainly suited them perfectly , particularly in their linear doctrine.

I acquired a wonderful addition collection from the US late last year ( thanks Jon) and they are also down for re-basing.

While I’m at it how about a few updated photos on those Prussian and Saxon Hussars.

More pictures soon.

Wednesday 26 July 2023

General D’Armee Napoleonic River escape part one

French regiments take the bridge and pontoon bridges to link with the Italians

What a great fun game…and before anyone ask the title of the list is not advertising a Scenic Tours trip down the Danube!

Peter organised a superb 1813 scenario where a combined French and Italian Corps looked to extract itself from a Russian/Prussian and Austrian force intent of preventing them escaping to the western theatre of operations.  With several villages and points to defend the French had to determine where to stand and when to run. 

Part of the setup with Martin and Peter looking on

Out of sequence, thanks blogger, but Prussians advance on the table

Love those Cigar Box mats

Austrians on the ridge look on as the Italians set up a line of defence

Great view of the tables

A large Russian battery enters the field

Peters Austrians appear to the east

My French around the town stone bridge and the hastily set up pontoon bridge. I have
been told I cannot blow them so if all goes well I will still lose troops from the rearguard 

Out of sequence again however a nice view of the size of the table

The busy hands of Marty getting a horde of Russians and Prussians on 
the table. It was great to have him back playing Napoleonics

The first French troops cross whilst confusion reigns around the pontoon where hesitant
brigades hood up the planned withdrawal

A great view of the second  defensive position near the bridge 

Prussian cavalry

Italian defensive lines lead towards the escape route west

Great view from the ridge where the Austrians look down awaiting their moment  

French reserve artillery on the hill, Old Guard standing in for line, as well as a 
Dragoon Brigade to the front

Cossacks lead the way forward seeking some easy pickings. Perhaps an unaware screen?

Another great look across the table

Italian cavalry and infantry set up

Hesitant seemed to be the status for this brigade for too much of the early battle

A nice view of the built up garrisoned buildings in the town

Troops cross over the bridge whilst the pontoon is vacant…

French troops manoeuvre to counter the sustains arrival on the flank

A closer view of that Italian defensive line

Prussian forces on the move to…oh wait…hesitant. Thank goodness 

Blogger out of sequence again. The Prussians have taken the church and push on

The French defenders hoped to hold on for more than a turn however with a bit of extreme 
luck each way they were quickly expelled  

Nice view of the attack 

Chris did a great job on painting up these club buildings

Prussians take the church and surrounds 

Happier times for the French defenders, each one a catholic as well 😉

Peter and Coxy looking at the state of play

Great look at the church and surrounds

This battalion would be the anchor of a fighting withdrawal after the garrisons fall

The Austrians on the right with Prussians and Russians at the top of the table. The pocket is
closing rapidly and still no Franco- Italian forces have made it off the table

The Italians stretch out across the road however they look very thinly spread

Reserves approach from the east

Confusion still reigns with hesitant brigades and not enough troops
getting across the river to assist the Italian Division

Love these resin haystacks - anyone know where I can buy them from?

Martin manoeuvres his troops with, dare I say it, Prussian precision

This was to become a bit of a trend on the French side

These wood and built up ground areas are very clever. Peter has cut
draw liners, dry brushed and glued sand etc where appropriate. These
Look fantastic and I’m very keen to replicate them myself

These Cossacks, unfortunate lads, were really the owner victims of the Reserve 12pounder battery on the hill. They did little else unfortunately 

So that’s what the pontoon bridge was set up for. Finally we have activity.

Russians move slowly up to take on the Dragoons and batteries position

These buildings were gifted to the club by one of Mark H’s friends very generously.
Big Chris painted them for the club and made each one an individual piece of art.

The French first brigade across the bridge turns to support the Italians ensconced in the village

Richards French manoeuvre up towards the road 

At the top of this picture the French who were defending the church move back towards the river
line. The artillery has been roughly handled by their Prussian counterparts and will cease to be able
To stand and support the infantry. A bit of a mess really.

Austrian columns on a “Forwards Order” hit the village whilst the cavalry 
Commander decides he may see how that fighting turns out.

At this stage the game is going very well for the Allies.

The French I’m commanding have succeeded in losing the Church strongpoint, having their foot artillery decimated, sent troops at a pedestrian rate across the river and only managed to falter and scare off some Russian wild men Cossacks on pretty ponies!

Richard has set himself up to defend the villages and delay the Austrians however the enemy  numbers are great.  It will be a difficult task ahead…