Monday, 4 October 2021

Grenadiers a Cheval of the Imperial Guard

Front Rank, soon to be Gripping Beast, French Guard Cavalry

 Quick post to show what we Old Schoolers call a Heavy Cavalry regiment. Forty figures strong and ready for some mischief!

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Pony Wars here we come!

Rules in the background and figures to the fore awaiting rebasing

Many years ago good mate Mike W and I put in place our plans to play Pony Wars: B Company ain’t coming back by Ian Beck. We acquired our rules, starting collecting figures and then…we got distracted.

Ian Beck tragically died far too young in an accident and the rules, published by Tabletop games, became a sought after set as it was harder to get ahold of.  In fact many aspects of the rules were “borrowed” by Peter Gilder for his famous Sudan rules used at the WHC.  These were never published however some “clever” fellow did some work and they have been available for a new generation of Wargamers for quite a few years now.  

The same is now available for Pony Wars!

Alternative Armies Plains Indians

Some of Ian’s mates have put together this wonderful full colour version complete with events cards and it is fantastic.

Kibri 1/87 Wild West buildings I’ve had for thirty years - perfect size for 15mm

Of course I had to get a hold of Airfix’s Fort Apache

Mike, Mark H and I are very much looking forward to getting into this in a big way.

Watch this space.

Saturday, 18 September 2021

New acquisitions - Elite Miniatures for the Peninsular

What a wonderful recent purchase.

I’ve been slowly working up the Peninsular collection of my Napoleonics in-between my 1805-07 gaming.  I have quite a nice sized force of Portuguese and the Light Division as well as extra regiments of Heavy Dragoons in bicornes etc.  Similar to the 1805-07 I wanted these figures yo be primarily Elite Miniatures with Connoisseur also very much acceptable.

Looking fantastic if I do say so myself

Really pleased with these units.

Saturday, 31 July 2021

1813 General D’Armee at the NWS

Wonderful fun playing a small battle Napoleonics using our favourite General D’Armee rules. Cookie wanted yo blood his newly painted Calpe Saxons and it was an opportunity for me to get the Russians out for the first time in ages.

You can see the setup with the Saxons endeavouring to get their batteries to high ground
whilst the forces both refuse the right flanks.

Using my standard TTS mat, hence the grids.

Nice shot of the large Russian 9pdr battery

Skirmish lines meet

Phil always loves the Saxon contingent of Napoleons German allies having painted them
many years ago in Minifigs there in pride of place in PW’s collection still

These Russian Jagers performed superbly during the battle

Saxon Garde looking resplendent in their red jackets

These poor Saxons really took a hiding from the Russian guns

We are aiming to play at least one of these a month in 28mm and perhaps another in 15mm just for fun.

Saturday, 17 July 2021

1815 British having a slight re-tool and tweak


Some of the lads having a slight shifting of arrangements in the ranks

We all remember those concerts and assemblies at school.

You hoped all year you had grown enough to be front and centre after years of being neglected and forgotten in the wings at photo days much to yours and your families disgust.  All the lead up rehearsals saw your plans going well as the lifts in your shoes, the blow dried hair and the toes on strict “tippy” duty seeing you where you should be…until the teacher, let’s call her Mrs Fox, comes along to ruin all your dreams.  Not that I’m bitter…or feeling cheated…I’m not bitter I said!


The time had come for me yo revisit some of my basing on some of my Brigades for 1815, including a better “historical”positioning of sergeants and officers.  A bit of cutting and gluing today to be followed up with some painting of bases tomorrow.

Always great yo gave good references available though I will need to order
Some more excellent flags from GMB to sort through the regiments correctly  

Some additional Foundry British that are destined to become a 4th KGL Line battalion 

Another battalion from the reorganisation - Perry plastics and metals

That’s a battalion of Highland Light Infantry from Front Rank on the black board which has been made “large” for General D’Armee requirements.

These look very effective with such a wonderful assortment of poses

A collection of mounted Colonels preparing for final touches and then the purchasing 
of their commissions in the Kings Infantry.  Lovely figures to paint.

These should all be ready for a return to the shelves during the week after which I will revisit my lads from Pictons command. I’ve been waiting to do those chaps for ages.

Monday, 5 July 2021

Prussian 1806 forces on the workbench


Elite Miniatures Prussian musketeers preparing to be finished and based a while back

Now from the outset I need to be honest.

These are indeed some older photos of figures that were on the workbench a Emile back and now actually await an outing on the field of battle. It was however, an excellent opportunity to once again sing the praises of these figures from Elite Miniatures and the wonderful service from Nathan at Elite Miniatures Australia in Townsville. He is a star. 

This project has grown well and the painting of the figures has been a joy.

Prussian mounted staff officer who may well be a Russian 1807
casting impressed into service for the King.

Some French converged Grenadiers undergoing
 some work at the same time 

Not a great photo but the variety of poses in the range of musketeers is
most impressive indeed 

I really need to get the combined 1806 Prussian and Saxon forces on the table very soon.