Thursday, 13 October 2022

Prussians and Bavarians tackle the French at the NWS in GdA

French foot battery which really is pointing the wrong way. I must get those
French limber teams from Nic at Eureka painted up soon

Cookie and I enjoyed the opportunity a week ago to take out the 15mm lads and play a lazy and leisurely fictional encounter set in 1813 at the NWS on one of our excellent Saturday gaming days.  His Bavarian’s made an appearance as the Prussian forces he is building up are still a bit short of “boots on the ground”.

The great benefit of playing the games on a Saturday is that we can start around 9.00am and just work our way through the fame, discovering new aspects of the rules and certainly continuing to try and get to the point where the more intricate aspects of the rules such as charges, supports etc. become second nature to us.  We are getting better and better all the time. 

Old School board for ease of play and movement. Ok, ok…I left the cloth
at home however I do like the simple board I must confess

So roughly a Division a side alongside an attached brigade of cavalry with several objectives such as the two villages, crossroads, hills and forest worth a key number of victory points.

French Young Guard doubling up as standard line troops

Polish Lancers make up the mounted contingent in this battle supported by what would prove
to be a quite unlucky and ineffectual horse battery to its side.

The French feeling strong, confident and invigorated by an early morning espresso -
Thanks Mrs Pyjamas!

I was looking through the club terrain room and hidden in the bottom drawers were some 
Tremendous Battlefront buildings which I felt were perfect for the game.

These French are certainly getting quite a few outings at the moment - excellent.

I’m a bit unlucky lately with cavalry and this battle would prove no different

Cookies Bavarian brigade of mounted lucky buggers! Sorry, I mean Cheavaulegers.

The lads are ready for the outing.

So we deployed and as always I managed to get a good run on the iniative rolls and got the lads on the move quite early. 

The first French brigade will aim to take the small hamlet to the right flank of the Prussian position

The second French Brigade were determined to take the village 

Cookie has done a great job on his Prussians

Lovely AB Miniatures from Mighty Nic Robson

Those French guns get hauled up the hill and ready themselves for some action

Bavarians look to contest the hamlet and it’s surrounds

An out of order shot - I’m actually wondering where my GMB flag orders are now that I type…

Another view

The Hamlet would be hotly contested for the duration of the battle

The French battery has now repositioned to add more punch yo the 
attack on the Bavarian lines

The French take the hamlet and look to establish a strong, anchored right flank

Prussians advance in the centre

French advance across some beautiful fields from Cookies collection

Some nice artillery targets there however the French guns are otherwise engaged

At this point of the battle the French have taken the Hamleg however the Bavarians are  giving as good as they get. The Prussians are advancing across the centre however the cavalry on the extreme Prussian right will look to sway the day.

Bavarian Cavalry prepare to make their mark on the engagement 

The Prussians take the village 

Whilst the French advance in the centre

The French columns look to pierce through the cornflower blue lines

The paraphernalia of war…well miniature pretend war!

Polish lancers hit the Bavarians at the advantage…

Out of shot photo however as you can see, the Bavarian cavalry are still there. Damned Poles
do it to me again!

A nice view down the table

Not much further to retire lads 

At this point the victory  conditions favoured the Allies and we declared victory for the Prussians and their Bavarian lackies .  Another great game and though we did get a couple of things wrong , in the main it was 90% on the mark.

Saturday, 24 September 2022

Roman Revenge as Pyrrhus procrastinates


The lads looking a bit better organised this battle against Pyrrhus 

Well we didn’t have to wait long for Rome to act on their poor showing last time on the table to call for  the second field army army under First Consul Carlo Terribulus to regain some honour.
In our last encounter Jeff had absolutely “rag dolled” my Romans with a show of force, intelligence and a ruthless tendency to draw just the right chits at just the right time. 

Taking a lesson from the last encounter I decided to try and introduce some bite with the introduction of some artillery and a few more skirmishing light infantry.  The cavalry contingent was reduced as I felt if I had to rely on my mounted to win the battle, it was all over.  

The change of tactics were to prove significant.

Jeff’s Hoplites and lights on his left flank 

Massed pike in the centre. My artillery would concentrate on their ranks

I do like the look of Jeff’s troops

Mighty Roman lines of heavy infantry 

The right flank looks solid and steady and decided to not be too bold this time around

The artillery on the hill - couldn’t get a better position

Old Glory range of Polybian “Republican “ Roman’s - one of their great Ancient ranges

Hoplites advance and attempt to close quickly on the Roman lines

The terrain choice was to prove important as tough ground and a wood on the Roman left jade manoeuvres from Pyrrhus cavalry and Elephant’s difficult. Hence light troops from both sides fought ferociously for control of the woods and rough ground. Both would change hands several times.

Pyrrhus troops advance against the Roman right

With bolts swishing over their heads the Quincunux awaits the phalanx 

Rough ground defended by Velites

 Numidian allied cavalry

A view across the table shows the extent of the attack across the front

An opportunity presents as an overly zealous Hoplite unit finds itself isolated and alone

Great view of the Roman right as the Quincunux - legio to the great unwashed such as I
- wait back to determine the best point of counter attack.

Pyrrhus heavier troops lay back awaiting the opportunity to sneak through

Lovely troops

Keep on hitting those phalanxes lads

Though Jeff saved quite well, these artillery were worth every point they cost

The excitement of the battle in the centre caught myself and Jeff up in the frenzy. The phalanx fought well and inflicted heavy casualties however the Roman ability to rally and remove disorder ensured they were winning the war of attrition.

In the end two of Pyrrhus’s phalanxes and a unit of Hoplites were destroyed and the army melted away. Pyrrhus viewed the destruction of his infantry, looked across at his unengaged elephants and bodyguard cavalry and probably thought their lack of incision into the action was a terminal error.

What a great game of To the Strongest as always. Well matched armies and a chance to play against a friend and gentleman like Jeff.

Now…where’s the media?