Thursday, 12 May 2022

Marengo “Snappy Nappy” Campaign in a day

The table which would see the major battle of the 
Campaign contested.

We are very fortunate at the Napoleonic Wargaming Society.

We are a club that has the good fortune of having some very dedicated, passionate and enthusiastic members who are more than prepared to go the extra mile and put on events.  Once again, Darren has gone the extra mile for us by organising a most enjoyable campaign centred around the wonderful Marengo Campaign of 1800.

The map provided to the players. Possibly accurate, probably not.

For those not familiar with Snappy Nappy rules, the system is designed for quick battles on the table and large scale manoeuvring on a grand tactical basis. In my opinion this is where the strength of the rules lies. We have been dazzled by Peters wonderful Blunders on the Danube blog where he and his companions play some sensational campaigns so to play our own is a very real enjoyment.

There were five tables set up however none is knew for certain which roads led to which tables and the time taken to travel between them. 

The lull before the storm

Quite a bit going on across the theatre of operations 

General Victor aka Steve contemplates his “Great Escape”

So my role was that of the Austrian Commander in Chief General Michael von Melas.  On the forces of the “White Menace” ( old EEL joke there which I still find amusing) were Dave, Russell, John and Stephen. Opposing us were Mark, Andrew, Curtis, Steve B and Graham.

General Melas main road column 

General Vukossovich aka Russell reviews orders on his phone via text

Our original plan was to send Dave to defend the supply routes to our rest, Stephen to look after Turin and Russell was to protect the route to Brescia. 

I suspected that the main thrust of the French attack would be from Napoleon and General Suchet through the road from Nice.  To counter this we sent John to block the path we my main army preparing to follow him and reinforce the position.

The French construct their pontoon bridge and threaten General Hadick aka Stephens position
Curtis as General Duhesme and Graham aka General Lannes played a tough game

General Kaim aka Dave’s smiling now…whilst Russell receives new orders


How’s that for a wonderful model 

French forces hit General von Morzin under the guise of John in force 

What a day.

Dave and Russell trapped Steve between their two armies. With orders, all sent via text and hilarious to read back after the game, to ensure he could not escape and destroy him.  Sure enough…with the help of some tactical cards that Darren introduced for some of his own flair in the campaign, he escaped it what would be a fatal blow for the Hapsburgs.  The ability to double move and Napoleon enduring he had them was a critical and strategic triumph.

Stephen defended his position like a demon. General Melas sent additional light cavalry to help shore up his position against two French commands however the clever apportioning of the army pontoon bridging train to this command was to prove a master stroke.

Hussars sent to shore up Stephen

Steven B escapes the net…the bastard!

Napoleon and Suchet work their way to an advantage over the hard pressed Kaiserlicks

In the big showdown, John started well however the French began to wear him down. The advantage of French commanders bring more abundant than the Austrians was telling. I marched  up to restore the odds however this was greatly delayed by the road to the table being congested and halting any early relief.

The battle raged here but, alas, the French force of Steven B that had done so well to extricate itself from Russell and David, managed to cut off our lines and subsequently relieve Genoa.

So that’s how it all went together…if we only knew.

The French had won the day. For another point of view on the game pop over to Marks excellent blog Blog

What a wonderful day and enormous thanks to Darren for his magnificent job in organising the game, the lovely paper city models, terrain and maps and to Mark for his wonderful figures.


  1. Interesting (and beautiful) one day campaign, a lot of work of organisation and a great looking event!

    1. Darren did a great job Phil and the entire group of players very much got inyo the spirit of the day.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. A lot of people contributed to making an interesting campaign and a fun day. Looking forward to the next one 😀 . Perhaps a peninsula setting...

    1. Kudos to uou Darren for being the driving force on this. So much fun.

  3. That does sound like a fun day. I always thought that the best way to do a campaign was like this; all in one day. And a good turn out from the players as well.
    That’s the kind of gaming day I would enjoy *someday*. 😀

    1. Stew I always look forward to these days as the campaign element is brilliant. Every March, counter-March and lost hour has an impact upon the outcome. Darren looks like the Peninsular which would be fantastic.

  4. What a brilliant post. This sounds like a great way to do Napoleonics. I must have a look at Snappy Nappy, it seems many years ago now when one of my friends commended it to me and I did not have the time or troops then.

    1. Greg I think the wonderful group of gamers you frequently play with would be perfectly suited to this format. Highly recommended.

    2. Thanks Carlo. Kindly note I am Chris not "Greg". A frequent yet inexcusable occurrence I find ,even though my name is clearly displayed. Best wishes for all your great hobby reporting. Chris

    3. Thanks for that Chris - I’m sometimes doing a few things at the same time and as I always try and reply to every comment on my blogs important things like names may be missed. Apologies.

    4. No problem. You are always good replying to your followers

  5. What a great sounding game Carlo…
    And as you said all kudos to your friend Darren for herding cats so well…

    All the best. Aly

    1. Thank you Aly. It was enormous fun and a great opportunity as well to play games against and with chaps at the club who may not be regulars on the gaming “cycle” as well.