Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Sassanid Persians v Byzantines TtS

Two commands there folks - bloody expensive these elaborate cavalry units you know.

 It was time for a revenge game.

You may recall dear reader that the last time I took on the Mighty Steve with his newly acquired ex-Martin collection of Early Byzantines, I was given a good old fashioned thumping!

Capital T - THUMPING!!!

It was time for me to stop experimenting with the list and my false sense of tactical ability and play to the strength of the army which is good cavalry and a few Elephants for good measure.

We both made up 130 point lists for our game last night and what was surprising was just how little you get for that in a Persian Army.  Steve asked me on more than one occasion whether I had gotten mixed up in my composition however the TtS OOB Generator is always an accurate measure for Luddites such as myself.

The Central command

The left flank was entrusted to these few...the unhappy few...

A smallish command however full of good stuff

The bad guys deploy opposite

Lots of bow armed cavalry and light horse here

My universal ancient carts - ideal for every third camp in any scenario and a fine holder of ammunition chits

Its very lonely on the extreme flank of an army when you are only armed with a flimsy bow and a few crooked arrows

A nice view of my empty chair here folks - position A one would suggest for what is about to unfold

Byzantine Foot and bow

A few nifty manouvers and the heavy lads are on the move

Into those cavalry as quick as possible...who promptly evade

However we maintain the pursuit

On the left and centre action is entered into quickly

Byzantine bow fire is effective early in the piece as is the Sassanid fire

Steve's cavalry ride off and force the lights to evade.  Persian skirmishers occupy the rocky outcrop and a lone Persian Bow unit unleashes a torrent of missile fire ahead at the enemy

Byzantine cavalry have destroyed the Persians and a unit of Zhendayan cataphracts has been forced to turn to meet the threat

The Persian light horse are doing exactly what I need them to do - survive!

On the right the Persian advance continues unabated

However the evading of the enemy cavalry is slightly frustrating

The bow are now destroyed and the lights in the rough are isolated

The Persians are scattered however holding on across all fronts - only three victory medals left

Finally the elephants catch their tormentors - however the fatal blow cannot be delivered

Perhaps a light infantry speed hump

On the left the Cataphracts are up against it...but surviving

Having destroyed the Byzantine deep spear unit attention now turns to the other unit of foot with general.  A rearming of lances, a charge into the lads and the battle is won.  Victory for the King of Kings Carlo I.
...and there was much rejoicing!

Great game, great bloke to play against and most importantly a lot of laughs.

Monday, 7 October 2019

American Civil War Confederates

The lads are on the move trying to skedaddle those 'Blue belly's"
Just a couple of quick shots of an an army that's been sitting dormant for far too long.  Though we originally had plans to use Regimental Fire and Fury for these, we now think we may give Black Powder a run to see how it plays for the period.

A mix of Dixon, Foundry and Perry in these formations

I do enjoy the Dixon range and I know some people dislike them.  for me the range, variation and fullness of their ACW range is unsurpassed
Always love a battery of rebel guns!

Really need to get the boys moving on having a game as we collectively have a LARGE number of painted and based figures.

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Empires, Eagles and Lions and the artwork of Mike Gilbert

That's a lovely caricature of Mike himself there as the unfortunate General devoid of his mount

I have posted before on this blog about my genuine affection for the old Napoleonic journal "Empires, Eagles and Lions".  For the uninitiated, it was a small black and white magazine with a manila/buff cover put out by the New Jersey Association of Napoleonic Wargamers...and it was brilliant!

The editorial team and its contributors researched all sorts of obscure topics that were of great interest to wargamers, especially those like myself in far off Western Australia seeking additional uniform details, regimental compositions or accounts of battles, formations and tactics often from primary sources.

One of my favorite aspects of the journal was the genuinely entertaining and magnificent artistic turns of the late Mike Gilbert.  He would draw up nearly every front cover with a snapshot of an article in that months edition, an amusing incident in one of their wargames made immortal in "Friday Night at the Fights"  or the hilarious "Encounters of the most unpleasant kind".

Mikes cover above was inspired by his wargame where, as an Austrian General, he was certainly "up against it!"

Jean Lochets Editorial and his take on the front cover

Add caption

The journal is now well and truly gone however I still flick through my old ones often.  Great memories and a great talent.

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Austrian Staff Command sets for 1805-07

Austrian Staff sets comprising Elite Miniatures with a few Connoisseur officers on foot

The Austrians for this project of mine have been slowly being built up in the past few years.  As always, I like to have historical orders of battle complete with regiments in the correct facing and the right uniform.  I know its a bit OCD however I would be reluctant to put out infantry in shako headgear rather than the leather casket for a battle in this 1805-07 era.

I know...pretty expensive decision making process right there let me tell you!

These figures are a combination of my painting as well as Brad Smiths, who I picked a couple of mounted Generals off at Cancon many years ago.  He did a wonderful job on them.

Slightly different angle.  I do like the sculpting style of Peter Moreby and those old Gilder specials are wonderful

The dark Oberock looks great on this figure  - a command stand for the Grenadier Reserves!

Some of the Austrian forces being raised for the period

I do very much like Elite Miniatures animation

Some Grenzer up on the shelf as well as an old Nathan painted "Austrian meets Russian" command stand

Some additional cavalry

A Hussar regiment waiting for me to get my backside into gear and add another three least!

Not far away now from putting down the brush, basing materials and varnish and playing a few games of General D'Armee with all these lads.