Thursday, 12 July 2018

To The Strongest - Sweet Victory at Last!

The Great King looks on and declares that we will not move to our rear in this battle.

We have thrown ourselves back into the wonderful Simon Miller reules "To The Strongrest" in recent months and Wedensday night was another occasion for a great un battle against Steve and his wionrful Alexandrian Macedonian army with my Persians.

Deployment can always be a tricky thing in least for me.  Here my Persians look for some flank
protection from a difficult going hill

This was also the perfect opportunity for me to bring out some of the terrain pieces that I had specifically made for the games using the TtS gridded mat system.  These included some purely aesthetic scrubs etc. which helped break up the cloth.

What I had deemed would act as my Royal Reserve here.  Guard Cavalry and Apple Bearers with extra bow.

These Greek and Egyptian Hoplites were purchased as raw deep formations.  Good value for money and sturdy.

Steve and Phil deploy.  This wonderful Lammings army was painted by Stevo almost 40 years ago and still
 looks sensational.  He has added a few lovely modern Foundry pieces to the formation as well.

Lovely Tin Soldier Saka painted by friend Nathan acting the part of my bow armed light cavalry.

The right flank General and his command had most of my cavalry

Takabara in the rough - Vendel Persians.

Mardian bow ready to rain a cloud of arrows upon the enemy

Slingers and Kardakes in the central command

All the Hoplite and deep infantry units except the Apple Bearers are raw against sturdy, possibly veteran pike.

Those hills came out ok and fit into Simons sage brush mat very well in my opinion

Now these look sensational.  Gorgeous figures with a hurtful intent!

Companions in wedge and Prodromoi on the left

Not quite the same quality on my side...Colonist raw cavalry and slingers

I need to build another camp as the generic ancient wagons in the middle there are getting a flogging
 in every three command army I use lately.

However they still do suitable as a non-decorative stand-in.

Vendel Egyptian Hoplites with an encouraging hero to the rear

Apple Bearers - Veteran Hoplite formation with a here, extra bow and attitude 

The Mardians have already dispatched the Macedonian peltasts which were to the right of the rocky outcrop

Quickly the Macedonian centre advances in order to feast upon their Persian foes.
The Colonist cavalry are no more, beaten by Companions however my scythed chariot gets lucky and hits a flank

Another view down the table

And an overview of the action including the Persian left.  The Prodromoi are threatening the flanks on a wide
enveloping move

Those Companions certainly managed to save those chariot hits very well indeed

At this stage the battle was incredibly evenly poised.  The run of low and high chits in the complete wrong order had visited both the Macedonians and the Persians and now the battle was starting to reach a critical stage.

After some intense fighting each side loses a unit and the gaps start to emerge

In the centre left the Apple Bearers are drawing 1 after 1 and are static whilst the enemy manoeuvres around them

The Mardians are now almost out of ammunition but command failures are restricting their usefulness

The Companions turn but the chariot miraculously manages to survive

Can this General save the day?

The Apple Bearers are destroyed and the King, true to his word, does not retreat, though he is now pointing in
the direction of a bloody big threat!

In the centre two more Macedonian Veteran pike units are destroyed.  These raw hoplite units have earned their salt
today one must say. They have fought gallantly, saved miraculously and advanced upon the superior foe and bested
 them in battle.  Well done lads.

The companions manage to evade my light cavalry charge which also got them away from the scythed chariot so
foolish on my part...however the battle is won and the Persians are victorious as the last victory medallion is handed
 over from the enemy camp.

What a wonderful game.

Steve, myself and Phil all had  a sensational time playing the game and once again it highlighted the playability and subtly of Simons wonderful rule set.

Almoravid v Feudal Spanish and the Cid next week.  Should be great fun!

Monday, 2 July 2018

Polybian Romans to be based for TTS

Roman Commanders who will be seeking new campaigns

Well its now time to get cracking.

I have contemplated getting these lovely lads out and re-basing for To The Strongest for quite some time however I have a tendency to be distracted!  Who would think that we wargamers lose focus as we do?

The existing lads await a date with the some water to loosen their basing

These chaps have been painted and waiting in a box to be called upon to defend the Republic for close to fifteen years!

What to do with the Triari...

In TTS the Triari are a small hoplite unit... I am contemplating basing them like this on a 90mm wide stand rather than my standard 120mm

Quite a few to sort through

A quick look at the lists and the figures I have reveal that I made need a few more of the Old Glory 25mm Triari figures.  I have to say that though Old Glory can at times be a little bit hit and miss, they are well priced and their ancient figures seem to be the very best of the lot.

These particular Republican Romans/Polybians are absolutely top shelf sculpts.

If anyone has a few spare figures in the OG Triari range please let me know as I would be keen to buy them off you.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

The Battle of Akragas 406BC To The Strongest

"Are you sure Hoplites can't drift or charge left?"

A great fun game last night with Guido (This ain't living...) at the NWS.

Peter very much enjoys set scenario games rather than the simple points battles on a Wednesday night so he dug out his old file of Command and Colours and decided to convert a famous engagement between the Carthaginians and the Syracusans.

The original map from the Command and Colours scenario book - Guido loves them!

My Greek auxiliary style and other suitable troop types are all off their old Warhammer Ancients bases awaiting a new
life with To The Strongest so my Persians had to do. 

However Guido's Carthaginians were spot on - beautiful figures.

My Hoplites start to advance

Wrong chariot for the Carthaginian's,,,you guessed it ...mine...however it did the trick

Guido's beautifully painted Hill Tribes Italians from Aventine

Im sorry I haven't any more photographs as the game was an absolute nail biter.

In the end the Carthaginians re-wrote history and the Syracusans went home in disgrace however  with a smile on their face's.

Agreat fun game with a sensational rule set.

Monday, 25 June 2018

For Sale - Empires, Eagles and Lions

What a brilliant is that front cover!

We have a few doubles of Empires, Eagles and Lions for sale.  These are one of my favourite Napoleonic resources and I remember salivating over every new issue in days gone by and being fascinated by the level of research uncovered by generally a group of amateur historians.

In fact some of the findings from this fine group of New Jersey Wargamers helped revisit some historical inaccuracies, especially around the Battle of Maida.

The wonderful collection of line drawings from Mike Gilbert, especially in wonderfully telling the tales of their "Friday Night at the Fights"  as the propaganda arm of various fighting forces.

These are all for sale at AUD150 plus postage or at AUD8.00 an individual issue plus postage. I believe they sell on EBay for anywhere between USD12.00- 20.00.

The following issues are available:

63-67 inclusive
74-91 inclusive
93, 94, 96, 97, 98
100, 101, 102, 104, 105,110
Total of 33 ISSUES

Drop me a line ( and let me know if you are keen.  Believe me, they are great fun and full of fascinating and obscure Napoleonic units, histories and tactical discussion...and those illustrations.  Simply superb.