Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Franco-Prussian Black Powder at the NWS

The Prussian advance towards the woods commences

Just a very quick post today showing off two good friends lovely collection of Wargames Foundry French and Prussians range of figures. Both Steve and Martin are doing a great job with their own little house tweaks and the game is playing very well.

I very much enjoyed commanding two of the Prussian brigades and a victory was the icing on the cake.  Great fun !

Sunday, 14 June 2020

Marshall Ney at the charge on the workbench

Just freshly glued and placed on the base
Well I finally completed the painting aspect of Marshall Ney and his aides de camp depicted in the wonderful vignette from the talented Alan Perry.  These have been sitting partially pigmented for years and are a positive outcome of the additional time spent at home recently.

My old Waterloo guide purchased over 20 years ago with some details of the image captured on the famous panorama
painting of Ney leading the great cavalry charges during the battle

The panorama card itself complete with my 130 Belgian franc price tag!

Really beautifully sculpted and cast figures by Perry Miniatures

Monday, 25 May 2020

Russian 1805 Guard Hussars on the workbench

Elite Miniatures Russian Hussars slowly getting close to finished
As part of the ongoing 1805-07 project it was time to get stuck into some cavalry that will be used in the Austerlitz linked scenarios for GdA.  As you can see, once again the figures of choice are Elites sourced from mighty Nathan at Elite Miniatures Australia.

I used to hate painting horses however the enamels and oils wipe is making life much easier
These should be based over the weekend.

Thursday, 21 May 2020

Franco-Prussian War at Martin’s

French positions on the town fringe look very formidable 
 It’s always enjoyable to see a couple of old friends playing in a period you know only a little bit about however has always been of interest.  For me it was a game of Black Powder FPW put on by Marty at his place along with period aficionado Steve.

Martin did a great job on setting out the table

All of us agreed that the Wargames Foundry range of figures for this period is one of the companies very best. The Perry twins did a fabulous job though both Steve and Marty agreed that a few more mounted Prussian infantry officers would have been greatly appreciated.

I had to get back home before the game ended however it looked very evenly matched.  I’m looking forward to hearing how it all ended up.

Wednesday, 6 May 2020

“What the heck just happened?”

Things are looking good...until they weren’t!
Another chance to play Simon Millers excellent “To the Strongest” with the newly based Principate Romans and the trusty Gauls. Both lists were slightly rejigger with veteran warriors being added for the Gauls at the expense of some chariots and the Romans upgrading some cohorts to veteran.

All going swimmingly and two Roman units about to be destroyed including the loss of the Eagle.

Ok, so a few disordered hits but we are still looking good.
Then Ben unleashed hell.

The gap is vast now..

...and another...

...and yet another
Ben destroyed a war band forcing rout tests on nearby units that were already depleted. The result was twelve victory medals being handed over as a result of one combat.


At half-time I’m hanging on for dear life.

Sunday, 3 May 2020

Austrian Hussars on the workbench

Only some basic washing and highlights to go now for this regiment - excellent. Then basing of course!
Just a quick post today to highlight a regiment which I’ve been working on for a couple of weeks. Elite Miniatures as part of the 1805-07 project though this uniform could be used for the entirety of the Napoleonic wars.  This has been a pleasure to paint and really highlights the sculpting skills of Peter Moreby at Elite UK. Thankfully I had some spare horses from an old regiment that I’ve reduced in size - I hate painting horses though the oils method I’ve employed lately is much better.

Nothing will make you work harder for a result than Hussars of any nation in this period however the end result is always a pleasure.  Though my painting is not as good as many of the various artists who’ve been commissioned over the years for the collection, I’m happy with these lads.

As always the figures were supplied by friend Nathan at Elite Miniatures Australia. No better service available from wargaming suppliers than good old Nath.

Thursday, 30 April 2020

To the Strongest proving to be very popular at my place

The table in the midst of my game with the Gallic Chieftan Benattaxic
The last game between the boys ended up as a narrow Gallic victory with Alex coming back from having one medal left to Bens six and pulling one out of the hat.  Great fun game.

As a change up Ben took the Gauls whilst I took command of the Romans in another game. Looking pretty close again.