Saturday, 30 April 2016

Napoleonic Russian Chevalier Garde 1805-07

The Chevalier Garde prepare to move outside the local church in East Prussia

As preparations are under way for the rekindling of my Napoleonic 1805-07 project I thought it was an ideal time to start cataloguing and presenting for parade a few existing regiments.  These are from the excellent Elite Miniatures Early Russian range and were painted for me many years ago by Nathan who is the agent for Elite in Australia.

These regiments have been painted in squadrons hence the additional trumpeters and NCO's
The idea is to have the vast majority of these units on bothy sides from the Elite Miniatures range as much as possible.  There will be occassional Front Rank units that match up well for size but these should be few and far between.

Wonderful detail on the horse furniture
Being slight OCD when it comes to this particular period I needed the figures to be correctly attired in terms of uniforms.  Hence these are in the early combed helmets which are distinctly different to the more well known Russian uniforms that we all see from 1812 onwards.

Might need to sand those base edges back again - a little grainy!
The key for this series of battles will not to try and re-fight the entire Austerlitz, Friedalnd, Eylau or Jena.  It will be trying to fight particular fronts of each of these battles at various stages over the next few years.

In particular wI will be looking forward to playing through a few of the linked scenarios from Dave Browns excellent General De Brigade Austerlitz games and also James Arnolds Napoleonic scenarios that tie in wonderfully to his excellent publications.  His works "Crisis in the Snows Russia confronts Napoleon: The Eylau Campain 1806-07" " and "Napoleons Triumph - Napoleons Grand Armee versus the Tsars Army: The Friedland Campaign 1807" are superb.

Wish me luck.

Friday, 22 April 2016

French Hussars - Elite Miniatures

French 10th Hussars set for action soon.

A quick post to show a long term project which has been finally completed.  These are wonderful Elite Miniatures which are available from Nathan "Lonely Gamer" Vinson up in Townsville through Elite Miniatures Australia for anyone  in our part of the world.

These have been on the basing table for quite some time.  Nathan had finished the actual troopers themselves last year however I have been very slow in finishing the horses.   These will play their part both in the Peninsular as well as my 1805-1807 project.
Nice reverse colours on the lead trumpeter

Great to be able to represent the Elite squadrons as well.

A few more chaps are being finally based as well so a few more updates this week with a bit of luck.