Monday, 9 November 2015

Alexander the Great

Favourite cover -art of all time

Just a quick post to do do two things:

Firstly show off my favourite piece of artwork that graced the cover of Peter Connolly's books which I was entranced by as a young schoolboy from the local Midland Library.

Secondly to post some images I have on file of my own Alexander the Great in action over the years.

Clash of Empires - Alexander prepares to do battle against those dastardly Persians in the plains.

The Great Man prepares to lead an assault...what else would you expect!

These were an exceptional pickup from Hinds Figures back in the early 2000's. 

Posing as Eumenes this time.  Sorry Demetrius but you are a goner!! 

You can never have enough Persians when fighting the might of Macedonia.

The figures a collection of Foundry and Vendel miniatures however in the background there are Essex, Old Glory, First Corps etc.  All great figures in a period which is very well catered for by wargames figure manufacturers.

Just a trip down memory lane lads.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Bridge at Bazile

A British brigade looks on as the Franco-Bavarians advance

A very quick post with a few happy snaps of the game we played last night set in Northern Germany.  The scenario, which we played with Black Powder and the supplement "The Last Argument of Kings", involved 600 points of Anglo-Dutch defending a vital bridge across the river from 1000 points of Franco-Bavarian troops.

Dutch battalions prepare to volley their French enemy.

On the Dutch right flank the French push forward aggressively

The flank is looking slightly open isn't it?

A view from the French lines showing the bridge and the excellent buildings of Martins.

"Onward mon amie to victory!"

It was a great fun game which ended with the Anglo-Dutch losing their flanking brigades to poor morale and the 2nd Brigade of Dutch being forced to withdraw.  The French will be drinking mosel in the manors of Bazile this very night!

Thanks for a great game Steve and Marty!