Friday, 28 August 2015

Mordor and Gondor - War of the Ring

Rangers spring and ambush on Warg riders

One of the great things about having a wargames room of some form is the ability to have games on the go left "in situ" so that they can be returned to easily when time is at hand.

Despite my very busy recent schedule work-wise my two sons have re-discovered an excellent set of rules that we very much enjoy whenever they come out.

This is a great game system

Games Workshop have released some brilliant games over the years.  Bloodbowl and Spacehulk are two wonderful game systems which I still enjoy and look the part and in doing so, mark off two very important criteria in whether I stay with a game.

"War of the Ring" is another that pushes all the buttons for me.  A wonderful game set in a favourite genre for me which has all the elements of grand scale heroism, epic feats and wonderful figures.  To make it even better, the rules are so much fun to play.

A view across the field of battle - those trolls look menacing!

The Perry twins really did a magnificent job on this range

Both my boys enjoy the entire Lord of the Rings epoch from the books, films and now our wonderful combined collection of WOTR figures.

Troll drummer urges on the legions of Mordor

The Grey Company

Halbarad and friends

Lovely close up - good job on painting this Lev!

The Witch King decides to leave his ride in the garage and march with some armoured orcs.

The lads have so far being playing some spirited, dare I say it, "extremely competitive" games upstairs whenever a gap in homework, training, dinner and chores around the house allow.  Here a few happy snaps of a game played a week or so ago.  It is a great opportunity to show off a really wonderfully sculpted range of figures and so very much in the style which I imagined when I first read the Lord of the Rings all those years ago.

Swan Knights of Dol Amaroth meet some brutish opposition!

Grishnakhs' trackers led by the hideous chap himself!

Great model of a Mordor Catapult

Gandalf prior to a Moria disaster and some Citadel Archers

More Mordor troops on the move

Warg riders rush at speed around the flank minus four companies that have been shot away

Always love seeing the boys having a game away and enjoying a wonderful hobby and not being beholden to the constant draw of electronics.

Wonderful stuff!

Sunday, 16 August 2015

"In the same old way..." - Napoleonic Vignette

"Old Nosey" himself directing some traffic to his staff 

Following on from the French command bases I thought it was time to put a few allied ones up for a change.

Here we have the great man himself, Arthur Wellesley, on Copenhagen his trusty steed, preparing to do battle with those damned "Frenchies" one last time!
This chap looks far too relaxed.  Lovely Foundry figure with a gorgeous Brunswick officer to his rear.

Mainly Foundry figures in this stand and they all work quite well together I think

I quite like the irregular shaping of these bases and so do quite a few of the fellow gamers who have visited the site to very kindly post some comments.  I do have quite a few round style bases still however may slowly convert these over as long as young Mike at the club can give me some constant supply of rough and ready plywood shapes! 

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

"Take this with all speed" - Napoleonic Vignette

Orders are quickly dispatched to couriers in the field - Perry Miniatures

On the theme of Napoleonic Vignettes/Command Stands/Dioramas, I thought I would add in another one that I prepared for our Waterloo day in June.  This particular group is modelled to represent the flurry of activity in the Corps Commanders staff as the events of battle continue to unfold.

A Divisional General takes the time to unravel what his formation has just be ordered to accomplish 

Another view - this really is an excellent figure with great details and poise

A messenger from the 7th Hussars arrives to pass on his report to a thoroughly disinterested staff officer. 

The action at the table is furious - really well sculpted piece.

Another view of the wax sealed message being given to the ADC.

This is a combination of quite a few figures from varying sets in the Perry Napoleonic French range and they all work very well together in my humble opinion.

Might get the lads out again over the weekend.

Monday, 3 August 2015

"The Best Laid Plans" - Napoleonic Vignette

Perry Miniatures from their excellent 1815 range.

Following on from my last command stand/vignette/diorama I thought it would be ideal to show you this particular grouping of figures which work very well together,  These figures are depicting a Marshall at the table emphasising his strategy for the upcoming attack to his staff.

Everyone appears to be in accord with his plans with the exception of one particular aide who feels that the British squares may to too tough to break without sufficient infantry support!

"The Fool" has just been whispered through his clenched lips methinks.

Looking slightly miffed at the front, the Marshall stresses his point!

This particular array of figures was inspired by Scott Merrifields excellent diorama "Reporting to Marshall Ney"  and can be found here:
As you can see, my stand is a 'hommage" to his excellent stand with only a few variations.

Rear view showing the scratch built fence and wild bushes.

Not sure whether these should be apples or just well fed berries!

Another view showing the attempt at depth and the juxtaposition of height to achieve a different look.

This very much looks the part on the table and shows that a command stand can be much more than two or three figures on a round base with some flock on it...not that their is anything wrong with that mind you!