Friday, 15 August 2014

US M3 Half-tracks from Bolt Action

The platoon out looking for some trouble...all Bolt Action vehicles painted by yours truly.

One of the most wonderful aspects of flicking through the many excellent blogs on the worldwide web these days is the very easy way some of them inspire you to try and emulate their wonderful work.  One such site is the very famous Troop of Shrewe, whose work on modern and WW2 vehicles is simply superb.

These shots are my unashamed attempt to replicate his work, at an amateurish level mind you, for my US WW2 forces that we use at the club for all manner of games.

Charlie Company prepare to move out.

The plan was to attempt to keep all vehicles as individual as possible whilst maintain a "uniform look".

"Fancy a cigarette fella?".

Really like how the seated GI's have helped set off the vehicles.

Brass casing from the .50 calibre MG.

Looking quite pensive in the back.

I tried to get as much stowage, helmets, spare carbines etc on the vehicles to help distinguish them from
each other.

Bit of a rust pigmented was across the floor to add the look of mud and debris.

We based these vehicles on mdf to help protect all of the guns and other bric- a - brac from handling of my hands and those of my boys.

Rear view

The Gunner here is normally on the back of the jeep in the warlord range but I liked his look of steely determination.

Might have gone a bit mad here on the Silfor tufts.

Beautiful sculpted model from BA

Discarded ammo belt on the floor...from Verlinden.

The resin knapsacks are fantastic apparel...linen with a wash.
Final half track of the platoon with a rear gunner from Company B.
View from the other side of the model.

Really like these seated troops - have I mentioned that??/

All the vehicle markings are from Company B - GREAT people to deal with.