Wednesday, 7 May 2014

First game of Bolt Action


Sherman awaiting its untimely fate - nice Bolt Action model with assorted stowage.

Mike invited me to join him for a game of Bolt Action WW2 rules at the NWS on Wednesday night.  Now I have played a bit of WW2 in the past few years with a number of different rule sets namely Kampfruppe Normandy, Battlegroup Overlord and Chain of Command.  They are three rule systems I quite like.

However Mike has been playing a bit of Bolt Action and they do seam to be the rule set of choice at the moment around Perth.

Small game with a 1000 points a side of which Mike was kind enough to make up both lists.

American GI's inspect the ruins.  Blacktree Yanks from the brush of the talented Paul Darnell
 and wonderful buildings from the very clever Lev V!  Love the upturned furniture and brick dust.
In all the excitement I took very few pictures but a mighty lot of fun was had!  We enjoyed the game whilst working through the rule system and despite having to hunt down rule explanations in various parts of the book for the same thing (morale anyone???) we did have quite a laugh.

Mighty American victory in the end.  Good job Captain Chuck!

Everyone is happy on the "Ronson" ...that is until Mike has a spree of
sixes and brews this baby up pretty quickly
 Looking forward to another game as this plays well in a short period of time, does not require hundreds of figures and models and most importantly of all, was a fun game.