Saturday, 7 June 2014

The defence of Chateau Le Share

The Dutch defend the left flank whilst French columns attempt to flank
them through the woods.

Following on from the last BLB game a few weeks ago, Marty, Steve, Cookie and I decided to continue the theme and see what could happen with the Bavarians French Masters adding some grunt to their attack on the forces of the allies.

The scenario was to see a force of British, Danes and Dutch try and defend the Chateau on the outskirts of some important supply depots for the both armies.

Bavarian Grenadiers sneak around the hedged field on the Danish right flank.

French cavalry mass in the centre from Steve's collection.

Dutch cavalry in reserve on their own right flank.

From the rear of the Franco-Bavarian lines the advance continues on however no dents have been made in the defenders line and time was of the essence in this scenario.

French advance on the left flank.  Despite overwhelming odds in their favour the
failure to manoeuvre in columns stole serious time from their advance.

View from the Chateau as the Dutch guns look for some targets

British troops prepare for the French cavalry assault to come.  Luckily the French
came in piecemeal and allowed the foot to survive through some luck and grit!

...but only after they also had to endure Bavarian cuirassiers attacking as well!

The game was great fun with more familiarity with the rules being developed and the interest from other members of the club also being pricked which is always a good thing.

The figures were from the collections of Martin (Bavarians), Steve (French) and the Brits, Dutch and Danes were mine. 

Monday, 2 June 2014

Beneath the Lily Banners

Dutch Brigade in the centre take on the Bavarian defensive line

For something a little different the other week Marty and I dusted off our Marlburian troops and prepared to re fight a holding action using Barry Hiltons excellent Beneath the Lily Banners rules.  We have been playing with these rules for sometime now, going back to pre-publication play testing years at the NWS.

View from the Dutch rear.  Really need to get those bases painted, flocked and tufted!
The rules play very well, are easy to follow once you remember the mechanisms and give a fun game that is concludable over a nights gaming time

Dutch Commander looking for the reinforcements that never came.  Foundry figures.

This particular scenario had Marty's lovely Front Rank Bavarians defending the passage through to the main army from the Dutch advanced guard who were determined to push through and harass the lines of supply.  Despite holding on grimly the Bavarians were forced to withdraw at the end of the night. 

...not looking good for this regiment.
Despite getting a few things wrong following a thorough read the next day, the game flowed well and looked good despite my partially complete bases.  These Dutch figures are almost eclusively Wargames Foundry and have been in my possession for many years.  It has been incredible fun getting them out again for these games.

Looking forward to getting them out again very soon.