Saturday, 26 July 2014

SAGA Tournament at the NWS - Warlords come together to settle old scores and start new rivalries!

Beautiful Gripping Beast Hero figure painted by the talented Chris Holt.  This was the
 first prize for whomever killed an enemy warlord first - well done Paul Y and his Anglo Saxons!
Saturday saw the NWS play its first SAGA Tournament at the NPBC proudly sponsored by our friend Ian at War and Peace Games in New South Wales.

Martin Street took it upon himself to get this day organised at the weekend approached with 16 players representing the NWS, Outpost and the PMGG for a day of fighting, eating and drinking...pretty much a good dark ages weekend for our alter-ego Warlords from the bygone age.

Phils Anglo Saxons prepare themselves against the Normans of Steve Bush..."King of the Hill" scenario.

Ben's Norman levies prepare to unleash a Hail of Arrows upon his unsuspecting foe!

Martin had organised a three round Swiss style one day competition to see who could rule the roost in bloody battles that he had envisaged for us.  Unfortunately we had two late withdrawals however the rest of us were determined to make a really great day of it.

My Vikings take on the mighty Anglo Saxons of Paul.  We rolled very well in this game!! 

"Battle for the Grain stores" Normans of Peter taking on my Vikings - a close run game with
his levies scaring the bejessus out of my warlord in the final turn defending their stores. 
Managed to survive and win the game...phew!  Richard checks his shoes on the next table
 whilst Andrew Card and Geoff look to take each other won 

What the NWS is all about.  Club Life Member and founding father of the club (and reportedly Australia!)
 Dave Barker taking on our youngest member Ben.  In this case the old dogs Anglo Danes
taught the young pups' Normans a few tricks.  Those Dane axes really like horse flesh I hear!!  

Martin had organised seven tables with set terrain.  Random table selection meant you were
never sure where you might have to fight which was ideal.  Here Paul takes on Matt, Cookie tackles
 on Steve (7-6 draw could you believe.  Watching Chris Tavare bat!!) and Steve Bush takes on the
 great man himself Martin!

As the boys work out what went wrong or right those wonderful ladies Nikki and Kerry organise morning tea and take orders for lunch.  All cooked to order and at bargain prices it was a tremendous iniaitive. 

Gerry and Richard battle in the "Homeland" scenario - hard fought and won on the last turn. 
Gerry's Scots fought the brave fight all day against those big hairy opponents.

Action in round two Ben and Steve fight it out whilst Richard and Steve Yardley do battle.  Talented painter to the stars Chris looks on.
A busy man needs a big meal to keep the brain functioning.  Good luck Marty on this challenge.

A quiet beer and good gaming mates.  All having Marty draws up a strategy on that sub!

"Battle for the ford". Scots versus Vikings.
Geoff and Steve pack away after a bloodbath.  Anglo Danes v Anglo Saxons.
Cookie and Bushy enjoy the stoush - Anglo Saxons v Normans.
Stars of the day.  Fiona came down over lunch to assist the very wonderful Kerry and Nicky.
  Thanks ladies as everything was outstanding and your presence made the day that
 much more fantastic!

The day was fantastic and was one of the most entertaining, enjoyable tournaments I had ever participated in.  Not being one who really goes in for competitions as a whole (power gamers are not my idea of enjoyable gaming companions) it was such a pleasure to play against a great bunch of guys who were only really interested in having a laugh, rolling some dice and letting out the occasional yell of victory or cry of defeat.

Andrew Card came in first, with yours truly second and Dave Barker third.  Steve Yardley won the wooden spoon and I believe the prize winners are on the NWS blog soon.

Another congratulations to Martin Street for organising such a wonderful day.  A red letter day for the NWS.