Thursday, 17 December 2015

Chain of Command walk-through at the NWS

The set up for our game.  Patrol markers are already on the move. 

A few of us got together on Wednesday night to have another concerted push in using Chain of Command as our World War 2 rules of choice.  With the boys on school holidays and Big Chris ready to join us in the game, it was time to dust off the figures and terrain and get the basics right.

Some scratch built buildings designed specifically for the Ardennes.  They will suit tonight!

The view from the British right flank

Some Foundry Early War British are pressed into service to take on the Bosch!

A pair of opposing sections find shelter in their respective front yards

First Corps Germans advance across the hedges

With a blue counter representing shock they scamper to the tree line

These chaps don't quite get there as quickly! This could be a problem.

"Hans get ready to lay some heavy fire you dumbkoff!"

Advancing sections towards the rear of the building.  Need to re-glue that fence!

A corporal tries to get his section organised before the fire fight commences.

Painted by the talented Nathan at Lonely Gamers many years ago - 15 years Vinnie?

Still look great as a section.  Love the animation.

These lads don't want to advance...but why?

Things seem a bit clearer now - shall we maybe enter the building lads?

This section caused all kinds of trouble for the British attempting to flank.

As you can see!

Now on the second story the Germans have the advantage of height and the scope to influence a large part of the battle field.

Cookie, Wardy and Marty were also playing CoC on the next table.  Great to see.

Our Senior Ranking Officer attempts to rectify the situation however things have gone somewhat pear shaped.  In the background the 2" mortar is attempting to lay smoke.

A bit of menace in those faces.

The game was a great success, especially for the German players in Alex and Chris.  Ben and I had a wonderful time and will play again very soon, this time with supports just to ease our way into the game.  It was also great to have an old NWS member who has moved back to Perth in Stan ably helping us with rule interpretations etc.

He has been playing CoC with the Trailape himself old Scotty D so his understanding of the rules and his advice to the younger players was well appreciated. Waggas loss is our gain.