Thursday, 1 December 2016

Brunswickers - Quatre Bras 2017 Project

Wonderful Perry Miniatures Brunswickers take a defensive stance in Belgium

As most wargamers know, we are constantly taken off our focus by "another project".  I, my loyal followers, am "Most Wargamers"!

Being a member of John Rays wonderful AMG Forum has enabled me to "meet" quite a few wonderful gentleman gamers who are much more focussed than I am.  They inspire and terrorise me at the same time with their wonderful output and concentrated energies.

Wonderfully though, I accept my weaknesses as a man and progress happily through the hobby cognoscente of my foibles!

Chris G and Kevin E, whose figures appear on the wonderful blog are preparing a series of refights of Quatre Bras in a scale only a few people could ever attempt to undertake.  This has inspired me to get the same project going over here in Perth, Western Australia in the New Year.  Both Cookie and I have been building our forces for this refight for a decade and so it should be one which simply needs to have the mechanics worked out.

We will be using the wonderful General De Brigade rules however would love to give Dave Browns new "General D'Armee" rules if they are published in time.

As a lead up I thought I would post a few photographs of the units that will be taking place in the battle.

Uhlans and Hussars led by Ranschenplatt if memory serves me correctly

The great Horse artillery limber team looks very much the part.  Now rebased to avoid the
lift off plastic card (what was I thinking!) as can be seen here.

Gorgeously designed command set showing the Duke observing the flank - lively green gloves on the foot staff officer!

Another gem of a sculpting job by the Perry brothers with this command stand.

Black can be so hard to paint - the shading on these is as good as I have seen and very much
justified the commissioning of the painting on this force.  Unfortunately beyond my skill set.

This is one of the Veteran units in the Brunswick force and comprises two bases of Advant Garde and two
of Jaegers.  They look great together and generally fight very well in my games.

A close-up of the figures.  This unit made its way into the GdB Deluxe rule set - thanks DB.

Another view of that appalling plastic card...oh...and the horse artillery!

Slightly out of focus Foot artillery.  I know...plastic card...grrrrrr.

Battle lines are drawn

Always think of Rudyard Kipling when I see this photograph.

Close-up of the Brunswick Hussars

Always have liked this unit of Light infantry advancing at the trail.  Certainly think the enthusiastic officers with
shakos on swords are superb sculpts once again.

We use drummers to represent a unit that is rallying

The hexagonal pieces are casualty markers however I am about to replace these with the smaller warbase dials
which are excellent,.  Decreasing the paraphernalia footprint on the table is a focus at present. 

GMB make beautiful flags for this period though I know Mark Allen hand paints the very best metallic based flags that any wargamer could possibly ever hope to have!

Foot artillery in action

Great shot showing the "Firing Line" pose of the Perry figures.

Another view of the firing line

Great rear view showing off the black technique.

More pictures of the rest of the army units to follow in the next week or so.

Monday, 31 October 2016

Napoleonic French 20th Chasseurs a Cheval - 1805-07 project update

Elite Miniatures French Chasseurs expertly painted by Nathan at Elite Miniatures Australia
Its been a while since the "1805-07" thread has had an update which on the surface would mean that it has come to a grinding halt.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Though I have been very much enjoying my ancients gaming in recent months, the Napoleonic project has been ticking along at a nice pace with many figures reaching readiness with basing, awarding of colours and being sent off to be either painted or sitting on my own desk awaiting the required issuing of uniforms (in the form of a lick or two of paint!).

I always like to include the elite squadron in my cavalry units

Another view of the lads as they launch what hopefully is a successful charge

The lovely reverse colours of the trumpeter helps set off this particular command stand.  I do like the fact he is
brandishing his sword and has the trumpet on his hip as he prepares himself for action.

The 1805-07 Chasseur habit veste has the lace on its front which is quite different to the plainer
chasseur coats of the mid to later period of the wars.

Once again this unit will see a fair amount of action against the Elite Miniatures Russians, Austrians and even some early Prussians being mustered to take on the Corsican Ogre.

As has been the habit lately on most of my very best Napoleonic French cavalry units these were painted for me by the very talented proprietor of Elite Miniatures Australia Nathan Vinson.

Great job Vinnie!!!

Saturday, 29 October 2016

"Their skin must be made of iron!" - Roman Civil War TTS Latest

Wonderful Limited Edition Gripping Beast Roman General courtesy of old pal Andrew P
We had a wonderful game of "To The Strongest" at the club on Wednesday night.  We decided on 1 Late Roman Civil War as east met west at 160 points.  Once again we had two players aside with Martin S deserting me and allying with Steve Y who is on a distinct winning streak  Cookie and I decided to take on the boys with some aggression and speed.

The set-up is in progess

Immediately the good guys advance and get stuck in.  Archers to the rear to provide some missile support

On the left Phil advances his cavalry

I do love these figures.  The shield design works very well

The central command, led by the General on foot, continues to support the main central attack

All looking good so far

Cookie takes the rough ground with veteran lights and prepares to issue a few volleys

Martins Legio has now dispatched the raw legio facing it and advances

Slightly out of sequence however you can see the moment just before the action depicted in the previous
photograph...auxilia in the foreground prepare to make their move

These light infantry now feel particularly exposed!

An allied Frankish/Alan unit advances on the auxilia - Steve Y has a good record with these troop types.

However an impetuous attempt to flank an enemy has left them critically exposed

A great view of the unfolding act

Those auxiliary still are holding up the flank and those light infantry to their rear are about to
turn around and destroy the advancing legio with javelin fire! Go figure.

There the game ended. 

The final two victory medals were handed over and the victors were quite pleased with themselves.  The absolute honours and rewards of land in Iberia etc. should be given to every soldier in the auxilia unit on the extreme left flank of Steven Y's command.  They took on enormous odds, were hit numerous on occasions to both the flank and the rear and SAVED EVERY BLOODY TIME!!

Hence the title to this blog "Their skin must be made of iron" - for as far as we were concerned, they were certainly made of tough stuff indeed!

We salute you...until next time.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Macedonians v Later Achaemenid Persians -To The Strongest at the NWS

Clash of Pike and Spear in the centre

Wonderful game of To The Strongest last night at the NWS with the Alexandrian Macedonians and Later Achaemenid Persians each having their first runs with the rules.  Running the Persians, my obvious concerns were...well lets be frank...they were Persians!  Not a great deal of quality in the list other than Greek Hoplite mercenaries, Apple Bearers and some decent cavalry.  Historically pretty accurate.

The Macedonians of Alexander have power and grace at every turn.  As they should!  It was going to be a tough ask however Marty and I were confident we could give it a good shake.

The initial set up with the Persians already looking a little bit too stretched in deployment whilst
the Macedonians are seeking to exploit their superior cavalry edge on the flank 

Phil's beautiful army painted by master artisan Chris

Marty's command on the Persian right flank

Central command containing the majority of the decent Persian foot

Mercenary Greek Hoplites watch the advance get underway

On the Persian left a brave unit of Slingers advances to take the rough ground ahead

Along the Persian lines - scythed chariots awaiting an opporunity

Though Phil's army is actually based and built upon being an Antigonid Successor one, they certainly
still look the part for this slightly earlier battle.  Just a few too many shields on the cavalry but who cares-
they are so beautiful to look at! 

Martin takes the initative and with the help of the "Take the High Ground" stratagem we had drawn
earlier, gets the jump on Steve's command.

In the centre the very impressive phalanx continue to press forward

The Persians decide to checker board - not sure why even now as I type!

The slingers have taken the rough ground whilst the King of Kings observes from the observation
deck of his red racing chariot.

Skythian horse archers clash with Macedonian light cavalry

The slingers are earning their pay.  They have already shot and eliminated a Companion unit and have
disordered a second.  Not bad for some press-ganged shepherds.

Persian Royal Guard cavalry hit some javelinmen but they cannot make the decisive breakthrough that
could expose the phalanx's flank/

More veteran pike advance upon the now very enticing Persian camp

Back on the right, a succession of very average activation draws has allowed the Macedonians to rearrange their
defensive position while the Persians have been unable to take advantage of their brave gambit

Crunch time!

Having at least swept away some light troops, the Persian cavalry cannot get the decisive second disordering
hit on the Macedonians.

Though some painting patchwork is required around some weapons, these old Vendel Persians are
still quite lovely sculpts and very well painted by a few different chaps many years ago.

The Persians lost two Generals dead at critical times in the battle.  Here we see the cavalry Commander
about to issue his last orders. 

These mighty slingers held their ground the entire battle despite overwhelming odds.  Well done lads!!

At this point the Persian Freelancer photographer decided to get on his stolen Arabian steed and hot foot it out of the camp.  The Macedonians in one two turn period captured eight victory medals and claimed a well deserved victory.  Great job Cookie and Steve.

For Martin and myself, we can only blame the fickle wargaming gods who allowed us a brief glimpse of superb chit drawing only to be replaced by a dark wave of disaster.

Despite that, it was a sensational game and a great deal of fun for all of us.