Thursday, 1 December 2016

Brunswickers - Quatre Bras 2017 Project

Wonderful Perry Miniatures Brunswickers take a defensive stance in Belgium

As most wargamers know, we are constantly taken off our focus by "another project".  I, my loyal followers, am "Most Wargamers"!

Being a member of John Rays wonderful AMG Forum has enabled me to "meet" quite a few wonderful gentleman gamers who are much more focussed than I am.  They inspire and terrorise me at the same time with their wonderful output and concentrated energies.

Wonderfully though, I accept my weaknesses as a man and progress happily through the hobby cognoscente of my foibles!

Chris G and Kevin E, whose figures appear on the wonderful blog are preparing a series of refights of Quatre Bras in a scale only a few people could ever attempt to undertake.  This has inspired me to get the same project going over here in Perth, Western Australia in the New Year.  Both Cookie and I have been building our forces for this refight for a decade and so it should be one which simply needs to have the mechanics worked out.

We will be using the wonderful General De Brigade rules however would love to give Dave Browns new "General D'Armee" rules if they are published in time.

As a lead up I thought I would post a few photographs of the units that will be taking place in the battle.

Uhlans and Hussars led by Ranschenplatt if memory serves me correctly

The great Horse artillery limber team looks very much the part.  Now rebased to avoid the
lift off plastic card (what was I thinking!) as can be seen here.

Gorgeously designed command set showing the Duke observing the flank - lively green gloves on the foot staff officer!

Another gem of a sculpting job by the Perry brothers with this command stand.

Black can be so hard to paint - the shading on these is as good as I have seen and very much
justified the commissioning of the painting on this force.  Unfortunately beyond my skill set.

This is one of the Veteran units in the Brunswick force and comprises two bases of Advant Garde and two
of Jaegers.  They look great together and generally fight very well in my games.

A close-up of the figures.  This unit made its way into the GdB Deluxe rule set - thanks DB.

Another view of that appalling plastic card...oh...and the horse artillery!

Slightly out of focus Foot artillery.  I know...plastic card...grrrrrr.

Battle lines are drawn

Always think of Rudyard Kipling when I see this photograph.

Close-up of the Brunswick Hussars

Always have liked this unit of Light infantry advancing at the trail.  Certainly think the enthusiastic officers with
shakos on swords are superb sculpts once again.

We use drummers to represent a unit that is rallying

The hexagonal pieces are casualty markers however I am about to replace these with the smaller warbase dials
which are excellent,.  Decreasing the paraphernalia footprint on the table is a focus at present. 

GMB make beautiful flags for this period though I know Mark Allen hand paints the very best metallic based flags that any wargamer could possibly ever hope to have!

Foot artillery in action

Great shot showing the "Firing Line" pose of the Perry figures.

Another view of the firing line

Great rear view showing off the black technique.

More pictures of the rest of the army units to follow in the next week or so.