Saturday, 18 October 2014

Wanted - Gripping Beast Antigonus figure please.

Reward on offer for this man.  One eye general of note who may be quite old and hence
easy to apprehend.  Do watch his sword though!!

I was hoping that the power of the bloggersphere may be able to assist me here.

I have been chasing this particular Gripping Beast limited edition figure for some time and was hoping that someone may have a couple spare that they would be willing to sell me.

Here's hoping!

Jeffs latest work - good guy to wargame against as well!

This search was resumed as a result of the catalyst of friend and club member Jeff Champion having his fourth book published by Pen and Sword recently.  This one is on the old fox Antigonus the One eyed, some say the greatest of the Successor Generals who fought for Alexanders empire and beyond in what is a most fascinating period of ancient history.

The book is available now through Amazon, Book Depository etc. and from what I have read so far, it is a wonderful depiction of a most amazing character.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Impetus Rematch - Those "Pesky Persians" rise up again!

Sassanid General and Standard Bearer give a bit of moral support from the rear!

We decided to strike while the iron was still reasonably hot and get the boys out again for another battle.  Once again the interest was good around the club and young Chris and Kiwi Andrew grabbed the reins so to speak and endeavoured to see how we could butcher these excellent rules!
Roman battlelines - slightly fuzzy in the morning least thats my story!

Equites Illyricani look to secure the flank.

The battle was a 450 points aside game.  Being slightly unfamiliar with some of the subtler aspects of the rules we did mess a few things up:  Wheeling importance, evading of lights, moving up to move skirmishers to name a few.  However the game was great fun yet again!

Wonderful shield designs from LBM - really sensational to work with.  Whatever did we do before Mr Stephen Hales.
  What a clever fellow!!

Persian levy/militia are finally blooded...and do a damned fine job as well.  Arrogant little latinos!

Those heavies look the business.  Gripping Beast Late Romans and Persian cavalry.

The Sassanid Right wing.  Experimented with skirmishers in front to protect the Saravan Clibanarii however really only negated my own fire which was of a superior nature.
Right Wing Commander - "Go forward lads!".

Nice "A and A Miniatures" Saravan General.

 Another game set for two weeks with another three new players.  One of the outstanding aspects of these rules is the beautiful look and aesthetics of the game.  It garners many comments and certainly attracts people to the table.

Until next time.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Impetus - Late Roman v Sassanid Persian

Two units of Comitatenses with supporting Sagitarii archers - Gripping Beast figures.
Well I really am enjoying ancient wargaming again!

It has been a funny period for me since the demise of WAB.  At our local club we had played Warhammer Ancient Battles for many years and thoroughly enjoyed the games, even though there have often been many vagaries with the results, heroic leaders and their devastating effects on combat etc.  We enjoyed the games however more often that not we came down to 10.20 pm on the clock and the great rush for a charge and a result took over.

"Winning draw i think mate".  Countered by "You have to be bloody joking!!".  All in good spirits ...and that's just the way it was.

Sassanid Saravan cavalry - in layman terms for the aged...Clibanarii with lance and bow!
 With the demise of Warhammer Historical and the very poor way they relaunched a flawed system with new expensive books and re-published "old lists" for profit the ancients period for whatever reason left me a little cold.

We have played Clash of Empires at the club.  WAB V2.0 as some put it.  Very good system but I have been looking for something a little different.

Sassanid Militia on opportunity...though I am sure that they hope the "opportunity" never presents itself!

Last year at Cancon, our national wargaming show put on by the CGS every Australia Day long weekend, I caught up with good mate Matt Williamson (Bluewillow) who was playing in an Impetus Tournament along with several other 28mm Ancient luminaries such as Chris K, Richard T etc.  What struck me initially was the size of the bases and the ability to craft together more than a group of soldiers on 20mm square bases.

Looking at the games being played convinced me that this was the way to go.  With cash in hand I hurried off and grabbed the rules plus the supplements from good mate Ian at War and Peace and we were off.

At least that what I thought...

Roman cavalry to the flank - Equites and Illyricanii. 
The biggest task for me this year has been the publishing of the Colonial Sudan rules inspired by the games of Peter Gilder many years ago at the WHC.  It has been a large task as I have felt that to do a half-hearted job getting them out and fully playable would be a disservice to the early memories and inspiration drawn from those series of Wargames World that I first read as a young teenager many moons ago.

These are however, nearing publication as the final proof reading is taking place as I type.

CP Saravan - the cataphract style "Super Heavy Cavalry" as Phil Barker would have put it.  Quite potent and resilient
mounted troops though no bow option available in Impetus for them so some troops may need to be re-horsed!
 With teh help of the very friendly people on the Impetus forum via the website  it was obvious that these rules had a massive following and that they were well supported and passionately played.

Those T supporting archers can be very, very effective against mounted who refuse to engage to the front.
The final straw was visiting some sites of Australian Impetus player - quite inspirational.  Richards "Tartys Tin"  was sensational.

At the same time some players at the club who had normally played DBM, DBMMM, DBMMMM (maybe one M too far!), FOG etc. were looking for something different and started to dabble in Impetus as well.  The dabble has become a full blown playing of the game at the NWS, albeit in 15mm.

One of the Roman Commanders NOT to be disgraced and needing to flee the battle with his broken unit. 
The rest of the chaps did rather better though!

So taking to the shelves, grabbing figures that hadn't seen the light of day for many years, the conversion took place.  Many cuts, scrapes, superglued and pva'ed fingers later I had produced 450 points of Late Rom,ans and Sassanids to play a battle in 28mm at the club last night with Geoff Marshall.

Pivotal moment as the Cataphracts of both sides clash...Romans prevailed after a bloody stoush! 

Though we got a few things wrong (inches instead of 2cm for 28mm...made a difference for fire and movement - first game in 28mm though so can be forgiven) the game was great fun.

Persian horse archers skirmish with their Roman enemies from the heights.
 This battle result?

The Romans pressed well initially on the right and had early success however the heavier Sassanid cavalry took its toll against their lighter armed opponents.  On the left the Roman attacked aggressively with the cavalry wing and were shot to pieces,  In the centre the cataphract battle decided the battle with the Persians breaking after they were swept from the field.  Excellent game played to a tactical conclusion in just over 2 hours including breaks.  Very enjoyable indeed and well played Geoff. 

Already there has been some interest from other chaps at the club and the boys will get another outing in a few weeks.  In the meantime some more basing and painting beckons.