Saturday, 21 December 2013

American War of Independance at the NWS

Perry AWI range troops in Doeskin jackets and more than a touch of "over - confidence" about them!

It has been quite some time since my last post as the end of the year rapidly rushes towards us here at home.  Work has been quite busy and the home front is buzzing as we prepare for Christmas and holidays for the family.  I must admit to really looking forward to a small break to get some time in with the loved ones as well as have more than a few wargames with the lads at the club and certainly in the gaming room upstairs.

Slightly different view - lovely figures painted by young Chris H.

 These are some shots of a small game played at the club a while ago using British Grenadier rules from the stable of General De Brigade.  The latter are my absolute favourite wargames rules for Napoleonics and provide wonderful command and control rules which make f or a great game.

Another unit from the talented Mr Holt and now in my collection.

British troops from the collection of the equally as talented Peter Dale
(I think - could be Chris's...will find out soon enough I am sure).

Overview of the battle field.

Slightly out of focus shot of Big Chris's Indians.  Very talented gamer and painter.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Mighty Empires - part deux!

Some more pictures from the great Clash of Empires game played at the club earlier in the year.  I have tried to pick out a selection of favourite troops which is very hard when you consider just how well painted these lads have been done by their respective owners.  I do like the Nellie though picking up the poor Roman Hastati and preparing to make a circus trick out of him though!!

More to follow next time and then a return to some Napoleonics.