Friday, 30 January 2015

Elite Miniatures 52nd Oxfordshire Light Infantry

Elite Miniatures Peninsular British from the brush of talented brush of Nathan Vinson
 As the new year turns over it is a great time to reinvigorate the Napoleonic Peninsular project with another famous unit of the Light Division.  The 52nd was a versatile light infantry unit that served well in Holland, Spain and Portugal, France and at Waterloo.  These figures are from the wonderful range of figures from the talented Peter Moreby of Elite Miniatures in the UK.  His man in the antipodes is the very well known and talented Nathan Vinson who represents the range superbly.

Beautiful GMB Flags from the wonderful Grahame Black - great guy and great service!

Friday, 9 January 2015

Napoleonic Spanish Granada Regiment

Connoisseur Miniatures Spanish Napoleonics - very nice range of figures!
Thought it was time to post a few pictures of some Spanish Napoleonics for the ongoing Peninsular actions being fought upstairs.  We continue to plan more games and this is the perfect time of year to sneak a few in.

The eagle eyed will spot a Front Rank Sapper and Drummer boy that has been pressed into service.

This is one of four battalions that Herbert and his team at DPS have painted up for me and I have finally gotten around to base.  Along with a brigade of Spanish Dragoons they will help bring the allied contingents of the Anglo army up to speed.

Lovely Spanish white with sky blue facings - always a lovely combination.

The Connoisseur range always gets a good rap from me and this is for obvious reasons.  The figures are well animated and proportioned and always look sensation "en masse" for battle in the "Grandest Manner".  Though I use General De Brigade set of excellent Napoleonic rules, the large battalions suit me to a tee!

They also match in very well with the Elite Miniatures range of Napoleonics which I do prefer for the Peninsular.  The flags are from the incredibly talented Grahame Black from GMB Designs.

Spanish Grenadiers with their exotic cloth "bags" on bear skins.  Beautiful...especially when painted by others!

Will hopefully get a few more of these finished shortly and the lads can have them on the field fighting the French.