Sunday, 10 December 2017

More GdA items on the workbench

A lovely assortment of Wargames Foundry Austrian casualty figures take centre stage on the board.
Following on from a fairly productive few weeks I thought I would take advantage of the Perth heat t bang out a few more French ADC's as well as some more casualty dials from Warbases for some of the other armies in the collection.

A bit of a selection here awaiting some brown paint and synthetic grass.

Some very nice Front Rank casualty figures as well as some older style Old Glory Early French

I am also now getting close to having enough French ADC's though I would love to have a dozen if truth be told to handle and accommodate some larger battles.

As is my want, I do tend to have differing figures for different periods whenever possible.  Those who have been following this blog for a while will know of my affection for Elite Miniatures figures for the Peninsular and the period 1805-07, the so called "Glory Years".

Perry Miniatures lovely ADC's ready for the post 1812 games.

...and from a different angle.

I do also have a large collection of 1815 figures for both sides and like to use the similar style figures whenever possible.  As the vast majority of my collection for this period is in fact Perry Miniatures, I have a few lovely Perry figures to complement this particular force with a few Wargames Foundry figures sent in for good measure where it best suits.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

On the workbench - General D'Armee Aide De Camps

Some old Essex and Foundry ADC's ready for service in the French army.  The beautiful WF figures
were painted by the very talented Scott Wisemen of the Blue Mountains who I wish I could track down.
As you may have noticed in recent posts, I am very much enjoying the excellent Napoleonic rules published by Reiswitz Press and Dave Brown known as General D'Armee.  An excellent aspect of these rules is the use of the command and control system so wonderfully symbolised by the clever use of available Aide de Camps of the various commanders under your control.

Elite Miniatures ADC's including the wonderful figure nearest to the camera which is from their Collectors Range.
Slightly larger however full of character and painted for me by the very talented Nathan from Lonely Gamers
 and Elite Miniatures Australia.  As you can see, the gloss varnish has been out again! These will be part of my
 1805-07 project as opposed to figures that I will use for other battles using Front Ranks, Perry's etc.

There is a requirement to have at least four of these chaps and ideally up to seven for any game where you are basically a division plus a supporting brigade a side in any battle.  It is  my intention to have at least 15 French, ten each of Russian, Austrian, British Peninsular and 1815 allies  and then assorted 10 of French allies such as Bavarians, Wurtemburgers, Italians and Poles.

A British Front Rank mounted ADC as well as two Elite Russians.

These will be once again Dulcoted and then ready for action once all the base work is done etc.

I have deliberately put these on the Warbase oval bases so they are distinctly different in appearance to the rounder style bases used for Brigade Commanders and the other Commanders used in my games.  In this way there can be no mistakes in terms of thinking a figure is a general for command radius and then being disappointed to see it was merely a skulking Aide De Camp looking for the nearest wench to grab a mug of ale from!

Sunday, 3 December 2017

First batch of GdA Casualty dials completed

A top view of the finished bases...well semi finished as a spray of Dulcote will totally complete the job.
Well after a lovely weekend listening to the Second Ashes test from Adelaide Oval on the radio I managed to get a few things complete upstairs which left me quite chuffed with myself!  One of them was the final touches to the casualty markers which I have been working on for the excellent Napoleonic General D'Armee rules.

Some Brits and Nassau in this shot look slightly the worse for wear.

A few Dutch Belgians, Brunswickers and French in this shot

I am quite pleased how they have come out and have only a spray of matting varnish needed to finish them off.  I do, as I am sure you have all noticed, still put a coat of Humbrol 35 Gloss Varnish on all of my figures these days.  The reason is very simple and straight-forward in that I do like to protect the figures and find that the old fashioned oil enamel base varnish's give the maximum protection for wargaming figures in action. 

I find it very frustrating to remember back to my earlier days as a student spending hours and hours painting wargames figures only to find them scratched or slightly battered after a trip in the back of the car to the wargames club on a Wednesday night.  Unfortunately in those younger days I never saw the benefit of varnishing.

I do now!

The gloss looks wonderful in my opinion and by the way I must admit to sometimes finding it very difficult to put the Dulcote over the top.  However the level of protection given by using both in the process is second to none.