Thursday, 31 August 2017

Seven Years War Russians - Command

A lovely command stand with the general looking for just the right opportunity to issue some orders
With the anniversary of Zorndorf recently I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to start to catalogue one of my favourite wargaming armies in my collection.  This particular Seven Years War Russian army was acquired from the very talented Paul Stairs many, many years ago.  It is a collection of Front Rank and Foundry figures which in my opinion Paul has painted wonderfully well and then followed that up with absolutely first rate basing.

"Perhaps over here sir?"

It is my intention over the coming months to properly photograph and catalogue the units in the army as well as the wonderful command stands and vignettes that came with it.

An unfortunate Prussian musketeer seeks aid from the always civil and polite Russian Staff Officers.

Beautiful basing adds to the entire effect of the stand.

Hopefully it will bring back some happy memories for those who played with and against these lads in the land of the long white cloud.  I know that I have played many a wonderful game with them against the fiend Mike W using Angus Konstams "Die Kriegskunst" rules at the NWS.

More to follow in the coming months.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Elite French Legere near completion

Complete with side plumes these early Elite Miniatures French legere look the part.
Well the PSA Rugby season has concluded which means my Saturdays are my own again for at least six months which means a bit more time spent back upstairs completing some long on-the-go projects on the wargaming frontier.

As those who have been following this blog for a while would know one of my favourite pastimes at present is the 1805-07 "Glory Years" armies for this period.  Just to prove that the project still has legs I thought I would post some more shots of works in progress.

A few Front Rank musicians and a lovely drum major figure helps fill the ranks

First up is one of three legere battalions from the Elite Miniatures range available in Australian from Nathan.  As you can see I have elected to base my command stand in the old school with the Peter Gilder In The Grand Manner style with the Regimental Colonel slightly in front of his other commands bases.  I think it looks quite good and will do this with all of my Elite battalions from now on.

The rest of the lads awaiting colours and the final matt varnish

Beautiful hand painted Mark Allen specials for these lads await!

As you can also see I asked wargamer to the stars Mark Allen to paint up a few flags for the newest reinforcements and they have arrived and look sensational.

Skirmishers for General D'Armee will be on these three to a base oval shapes.

Russians are still getting themselves ready as well

Always something to do upstairs in the does sometimes get in the way though.

All that now needs to happen for the French is to ensure there is no residual static grass anywhere and then give them all a good spray of dullcote and get them on the field for some General D'Armee Napoleonic battles.

Can't wait.