Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Napoleonic Naval

Wonderful to look at and even better to play with - Langton Miniatures at their best!
A quick post to prove that all is well and that life has not completely overcome some gaming activities.  Here are some older shots of a few naval encounters using the spectacular Langton 1:1200 ships played at the NWS.

Rear view of HMS Victory I believe.
These are truly miniature works of art and were purchased by a friend many, many years ago when the Langton's were still painting, rigging and basing these ships for their clientele.  There are still some companies around the world who do this style and quality of work.

Slightly fuzzy but you see the attraction.
Now if we can just find the right set of rules for these games I will be very happy indeed.

Sails in the water may spark the end for this French 74 gun