Wednesday, 27 June 2018

The Battle of Akragas 406BC To The Strongest

"Are you sure Hoplites can't drift or charge left?"

A great fun game last night with Guido (This ain't living...) at the NWS.

Peter very much enjoys set scenario games rather than the simple points battles on a Wednesday night so he dug out his old file of Command and Colours and decided to convert a famous engagement between the Carthaginians and the Syracusans.

The original map from the Command and Colours scenario book - Guido loves them!

My Greek auxiliary style and other suitable troop types are all off their old Warhammer Ancients bases awaiting a new
life with To The Strongest so my Persians had to do. 

However Guido's Carthaginians were spot on - beautiful figures.

My Hoplites start to advance

Wrong chariot for the Carthaginian's,,,you guessed it ...mine...however it did the trick

Guido's beautifully painted Hill Tribes Italians from Aventine

Im sorry I haven't any more photographs as the game was an absolute nail biter.

In the end the Carthaginians re-wrote history and the Syracusans went home in disgrace however  with a smile on their face's.

Agreat fun game with a sensational rule set.

Monday, 25 June 2018

For Sale - Empires, Eagles and Lions

What a brilliant is that front cover!

We have a few doubles of Empires, Eagles and Lions for sale.  These are one of my favourite Napoleonic resources and I remember salivating over every new issue in days gone by and being fascinated by the level of research uncovered by generally a group of amateur historians.

In fact some of the findings from this fine group of New Jersey Wargamers helped revisit some historical inaccuracies, especially around the Battle of Maida.

The wonderful collection of line drawings from Mike Gilbert, especially in wonderfully telling the tales of their "Friday Night at the Fights"  as the propaganda arm of various fighting forces.

These are all for sale at AUD150 plus postage or at AUD8.00 an individual issue plus postage. I believe they sell on EBay for anywhere between USD12.00- 20.00.

The following issues are available:

63-67 inclusive
74-91 inclusive
93, 94, 96, 97, 98
100, 101, 102, 104, 105,110
Total of 33 ISSUES

Drop me a line ( and let me know if you are keen.  Believe me, they are great fun and full of fascinating and obscure Napoleonic units, histories and tactical discussion...and those illustrations.  Simply superb.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Russian Heavy Cavalry Command stand

Every time I look at this workbench photos I always think I should give tat damned table a tidy up!
Just a quick post today to show the progress made on a Command stand for my 1805-07 Russians being mustered for General D'Armee.  Once again the figures are Elite Miniatures.

An Elite Miniatures Russian Dragoon Officer advance as his Colonel leads the way

Still a fair bit going on in the background.

All things going well these will be completed tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Still keeping busy let me assure you

Still a little bit of work to complete but these Elite Miniatures Grenzers are looking the part

Not as many posts this month as June has been quite hectic on all fronts.

The main push in recent weeks has been completing some terrain pieces that will fit into the grid boxes of my "To the Strongest" table cloth as I have grown tired of using bits and pieces of other items at the club to represent differing styles of ground etc.

All designed to represent rough ground

My interpretation of a pond/marsh

My interpretation of a marsh/ what I did there?

My interpretation of,,,well,,.you get the idea!.

Trees on single bases simply to break up the inevitable plain ground.  They
are not restrictive on movement or line of sight but simply placed
for aesthetic purposes

In addition I have been starting some preliminary work on the Austrians for 1805 and trying to finish a few more skirmish bases and command stands.

I had never seen the casualty packs for the Elite Miniatures Grenzers before - very nice.