Tuesday, 5 September 2017

On the workbench for 1805-07

Wonderful GMB flags being readied for the Russian Guard

Just a quick post to show that things are still progressing steadily on the 1805-07 project.  The figures are now based and varnished in their entirety and are now simply awaiting a presentation of the Colonels and Regimental colours from Tsar Alexander himself.

In his absence it would seem that the duty will need to fall on this old grumbler!

Get onto Dave Ryan and order this in as it is simply brilliant!
Adding to my enthusiasm in getting the flags up and going were a number of things.  Firstly I had received some wonderfully crafted and painted hand painted flags from the very talented Mark Allen and though they were not for my guard, I felt obligated to make sure that my GMB ones were prepared and finished in the best possible way.

Doesn't get much better than this.  Hand painted on metal by legendary Mr Allen.

Secondly, I had ordered the book you can see above earlier in the year from trusty Dave Ryan at Caliver Books and to say I was very, very impressed is an understatement.  The detail that Dr Prince and Mr Spring go into is amazing and now, with the confidence of knowing flag pole, drum stick and staff colours, proper designations etc. Russian flags of the Napoleonic era should be a lot easier to decipher from now on.

A sneak peek inside the excellent reference book which no Russian wargamer should be without

Elite Miniature Russian artillery about 70% complete ..."Now that's what you can a gun"
Just a quick glance on the picture above will also show that the oldest son Ben has continued on his project of unusual painting subjects.  Perhaps those knights overseeing the Russian artillery pieces are looking for a nice spot to locate...a....SHRUBBERY!!!

You have to love Monty Python.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

SYW Russian Narvski Horse Grenadiers

Front Rank SYW figures always look the part.
Carrying on from the last post I thought another Seven Years War themed unit would be in order.  On the excellent AMG Forum John is sculpting his own Horse Grenadier as part of  an ongoing project he has on the go.  It was ideal timing for me to brush off the cobwebs and set up a quick shot of some Russians upstairs.

Painted by the very talented Kiwi Paul Stairs - have a look at the detail in the basing.

Lovely artillery limber

A few officers gather in the churchyard to discuss goings on at the front

Slightly different angle on the shot

I think you call that detailed ticking on the collar of the Regimental drummer

Love this Old Glory resin model - before MDF became all the rage this is what we used.

I will continue to catalogue the various units in the army and see if we can get them set up in a game before Christmas.