Sunday, 12 June 2016

Napoleonic Russian Brigade Generals 1805 - 07

"What do you see Tavarich?" Nice Elite Miniatures rearing horse with an Essex General and a
lovely telescope wielding Cavalry officer of the Cuirassiers, also from Essex, and possibly
from the Napoleonic Austrian range if my memory serves me correctly  
\A quick post to show a few nice General command stands for my 1805-07 Russians that are on the go at present.  Always important to represent in any good set of Napoleonic rules and the wonderful General De Brigade is certainly no different.

Nice stone marker from Eureka Miniatures

Lovely Elite Miniatures horse, one of my favourites from their range, rearing perfectly

Another two excellent Elite Russian figures

To finish another command stand that I use to represent a cavalry Brigade or Divisional General.  This one is a wonderful Elite Miniatures General accompanied by a Hussar trooper painted to represent an ADC from one of the colourful Hussar Regiments.

I think I will add some orange and black "under" feathers to his hat to help put the final touches on this figure ala Von Peters at his best when painting Russian generals.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Napoleonic Russian Kharkov Dragoons 1805-07

A large regiment of Russian Dragoons from Elite Miniatures
Continuing on with my 1805-07 Napoleonic project is this regiment of Peter Moreby designed early Russians from the wonderful Elite Miniatures range.  Despite the limited amount of poses available in the codes - Officer, Trumpeter and trooper, there is sufficient variation and animation achieved by the various horses and the way the figures are mounted in the saddle.

One can only imagine what a supreme converter and designer such as Doug Mason, Mark Allen or a John Ray could achieve with these figures.

Wonderful Trumpeter figure with his instrument on his back and sword at the ready!

Nice view of the unique officers coloured comb on the helmets of the earlier period

Imagine this running down on you if you are a French battlaion still in line!!

Nice hand painted Imperial Cyphers

These figures, as I always say with any Elite Miniatures or Connoisseur figures, always look best "en masse".